Education minister won’t waste time with reports of sex offences

Education minister won’t waste time with reports of sex offences
Dr. Rigobert

Education Minister Dr. Gale Rigobert has assured that teachers who perform acts of sexual abuse against children will be dealt with in a swift manner.

Speaking at a pre-cabinet briefing this week, Dr. Rigobert said that her ministry will address such matters within days of being informed of them.

“The Ministry of Education, like many other agencies that interact with children, do have a duty of care and whenever the ministry learns of incidents, that somehow mean that our students are in harm’s way, we move to act swiftly,” the minister said.

“… I can guarantee you [that] the minute it reaches the minister’s desk, within a week, I act on it, “she stated.

Just last month, a male physical education at a Castries primary school appeared in court facing 12 charges, which ranged from buggery to gross indecency and indecency. It is alleged that he brought young footballers to his home and sexually assaulted them.

He was bailed in the sum of $44,000 and is scheduled to reappear in court on November 16, 2017.

His name was not disclosed due to the sensitivity of the case and he is accused of sexual misconduct against one or more students.

A ‘wanted photo’ of him was placed at all ports of entry and departure by the police recently.


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  1. A woman holding the reigns is what we needed.

    Too many perverts are violating innocent or vulnerable children in their care and the former male heads of Ministries did not address those cases with urgency. We know we have a sick society when men can look at kids in their care and have sexual fantasies about them. We need to address, urgently, a situation that the education system has perpetuated.


  2. Won't waste time how, all you can do is have them suspended until the case is heard which is the procedure. You can't fire them unless they are found guilty. Before hiring teachers check their history and find out about them.


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