Educate Saint Lucia launched

Educate Saint Lucia launched

(GIS) – The quality of education provided to Saint Lucians is expected to be improved as the Department of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations officially launched the #Educate Saint Lucia initiative.

Minister for Education, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert said government remains committed to deliver an education to every Saint Lucian citizen regardless of his/her socio-economic status.

“What we are endeavoring to do with the #Educate Saint Lucia initiative is to ensure that we are able to, first, create new initiatives that can correct social ills, and second, to harmonize efforts such that we have a greater impact versus desperate activities in various pockets of the society that do not have the kind of turn around that we anticipate. Third, we aim to better harness the benevolence of international partners, our local private sector such that we can have that tremendous impact.”

Deputy Chief Education Officer for Planning, Kendall Khodra, said the initiative marks a significant milestone towards human development.

“While it aims at developing our nation’s human resources, it provides opportunities for broadening participation, inspiring and acquiring a more diverse talent pool and inherently, will reduce some of the social inequities associated with the access to quality education.”

The #Educate Saint Lucia initiative has eight pillars: ACT initiative, first generation initiative, knapsack drive, lifelong learning, vocational qualification, volunteerism and apprenticeship, career readiness and innovation.


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  1. Wishy washy. Going beyond the CONTENT of this flaccid non-strategic statement, we see more INTENT. The intent seems more to be a decision to appear to be doing something.

    Say just about anything. The unsuspecting public will never check past the meaninglessness of that statement.


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