Edmunds appointed Director of Agricultural Sector Relations of Caribbean Agricultural Network

Edmunds appointed Director of Agricultural Sector Relations of Caribbean Agricultural Network
Dr. Joseph Edsel Edmunds, OBE,
Dr. Joseph Edsel Edmunds, OBE,
Dr. Joseph Edsel Edmunds, OBE,

Dr. Joseph Edsel Edmunds of St Lucia has been appointed Director of the Agricultural Sector Relations of the Caribbean Agricultural Network (CAN) based in the United States by the President of the Network, prominent Dominican lawyer and Caribbean development advocate Gabriel Christian.

The appointment letter states that “This position grants you the mandate to do all things reasonable and necessary to link our organization to government and non-government entities for the purpose of promoting Caribbean agriculture.  We believe that your stature and experience can go a long way in advancing our regional interest and that of our affiliates in Africa, the Americas, and further a field”

Dr, Edmunds has served as a consultant to various international agencies in the South Pacific, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and is a world renowned Nematologist.

The nematode Longidorus edmunsi was named in his honor by a British Nematologist in recognition of this contributions to this field of science.  He is a former Senior Research Fellow of the University of the West Indies, St Augustine campus, and Director of Research and Development of the Windward Islands Banana Industry.

The Agricultural Network, a non-governmental organization, was launched on April 16 in Washington, DC with established links with African, Latin American and Caribbean scientists and members of agro industries which have been successful in generating economic agricultural enterprises in developed and developing countries.

For example, the network is working together with the farming community and Government of Dominica in the resuscitating of the coco industry of the island and the production of world class chocolate for international trade.  This has been achieved through partnership with SPAEnVOLA premium chocolate makers in Maryland.

In general, the network is directed at fostering linkages with the Caribbean farming community and Governments, contributing to capacity building and sustainable farming technologies, and at transforming the  Caribbean agriculture sector through collaborative development enterprises.

A wide variety of Caribbean agricultural products are already being shipped to the United States through the instrumentally of the network.  One of the global partners is Caribbean Cargo DC providing reliable air and ocean cargo transportation services to and from Washington DC, Virginia and Baltimore.

Linkages are being established with the Caribbean Farmers Network (CaFAN), the Global Forum for Agricultural Research (GFAR) and other international organizations, universities and agricultural institutions in the United States, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.


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  1. Please give some thought to StLucia .We the farmers are left to languish with no where to turn.We need irrigation ,we need markets to sell our goods ,we need information on how profitable it is to entertain projects such as livestock ,we need stable prices and timely payments ,we need to foster manufacturing of our local produce e.g making fresh juicies from tamarine, mango. soursop. grapefruit guava.,we need a cheaper form of transportation for our produce in the windwards we need a central marketing board we need an agreement for hotels to buy local given all the incentives they receive and less vat payments, we need cheaper animal feed and for it to be made locally , we need protection from importers bent on flooding the market with what we produce .we need for genuine farmers not to be sidetracked and left out of the loop the list goes on..............


  2. Well hello my old buddy from school, nice to see you on print and looking good.
    We all know you have been a great achiever and hard worker, and haven't stop
    from day one. It's good to see a great St. Lucian with the energy to keep giving
    all of his best for the betterment of mankind. Congratulations my old pal, keep
    doing what you want to do, as for me, still the old dreamer and love it. Be blessed
    my friend, and keep well.


  3. Congratulations Doc. 🙂 Nice to see you back.
    We need you.Congratulations and good luck
    I have fond memories of WINBAN Research!!
    best regards
    Mark Laporte


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