ECTEL issues warning to Digicel

ECTEL issues warning to Digicel



JAMAICA OBSERVER – The St Lucia-based Eastern Caribbean Telecommunications Authority (ECTEL) says it has written to the Irish-owned telecommunications company, DIGICEL, warning against plans to implement its ad control technology.

The letter comes in response to a September 30, media release titled “Digicel first operator to implement ad control technology to improve customer experience and help drive broadband access”.

Digicel said that the press release had been brought to its attention by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC).

According to the release, Digicel intends to deploy an ad control technology at the network level across the globe, “to improve customer experience and encourage major international companies such as Google, Facebook and Yahoo to help connect 4.2 billion unconnected people”.

But ECTEL said that while it is desirous of improving the experience of customers using the Internet and increasing penetration for broadband services in its member states, it “strongly opposes” the method being proposed by Digicel to achieve this objective.



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  1. Digicel at one time I held them at the highest regards, however over the past few months I have come to lose all respect for that provider. When they first came to our shores they portrayed themselves as costumer friendly, however somehow that clique has been forgotten and now they have become Bullies.
    My question to digicel is this, I pay for a data plan for my continence, whatever I as the consumer does with that data is my business.
    As far as I see ECTEL has no balls, or no teeth and digicel knows that.
    In Bermuda digicel was blocking what's app calls and gave me the same lousy excuse that the problem was not them but wireless problems I was encountering. The is total bull, because the other providers have no such issues with their customers.
    As a result I took my complaint to the Regulatory Authority here in Bermuda and within an mater of days, I was able once again to make what's app call using my data.
    Also I have included a link where an irate customer like myself took to the media to voice his disgust at digicel for this same concern.
    See link below


  2. What seems to be the problem ... why are you always trying to denying the locals better access to communication after all they`re already paying high prices


  3. Move from there ectel. Since the day Digicel blocking whatsapp calls and you all cannot do nothing. The last thing I hear is "We asked them about it and they said that they were not blocking it". Really!! Something so easy to test!!. Attempt to make a whatsapp call ... see the message that says "your network does not allow whatsapp calls". Thats it. So if you all cannot handle something as simple as that then I have little hope that you will have any influence on their decision to deploy the ad blocking software.


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