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Economic conditions sink Saint Lucia Fish Marketing Corporation; staff dismissed

By SNO Staff

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The SLFMC is located in Sans Souci, Castries next to the LUCELEC building

(SNO) — After being in existence for 26 years, the Saint Lucia Fish Marketing Fish Corporation Ltd. (SLFMC) is closing its doors and all staff members have been made redundant.

In a letter to employees, Timothy Green, chairman of the SLFMC, said economic conditions have made the company un-viable and hence is unable to continue operation.

“A review of the performance of the SLFMC has shown the organization has been unable to effectively and efficiently execute its mandate and is confronted with significant losses and working capital deficiencies,” Green said in the letter.

The letter said that the process of closure will make all positions redundant as of March 1, 2019.

“SLFMC has written to your bargaining agent, the Saint Lucia Seamen Waterfront and General Workers’ Trade Union and has been in consultation with them as required by law to ensure a fair and transparent process, in addition to informing the Labour Commissioner,” it stated.

Green noted that the union requested that SLFMC submit redundancy calculations and this has been done.

“Further, I have been advised by your bargaining agent that they will be meeting with you to update and answer queries concerning the process,” he wrote.

The St. Lucia Fish Marketing Corporation Limited has been in existence since 1984. It has been known to be the island’s largest supplier of processed and packaged local fish and imported seafood.

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  1. Didn't the Prime Minister said the economy was doing great ?

  2. Me li, look it, take it, pweh en. BOOM, In your face. Guy said you all just start crying and I guess he was right!!

  3. The problem is that the oceans are overheating and dying and the worldwide fish population has declined by 95% in the last 20 years. The few fish that remain are smaller and sick and totally degraded. No fish= no fishing complex! No more oceans=no more people!

  4. I thought this administration said they would not make people redundant guess that was another lie. Time a party "stalwart" to get contract for this

    • Oh I see your head is on. Watch it open just now under a "different theme" just watch the bubbulist working hard I I tell you

    • You would be stupid to think that your monthly salary is secured while the people who put their lives at risk to do the fishing have not had a payday in years. Thats how you people want to ride on the backs of people. Doesn't matter to me what the government said before it was stupid of us to think that we would be guaranteeing people salaries. The government should not be engaging in such practices as it sets a dangerous precedent. People in rich countries dont even have such job security so why are we putting such a burden on poor governments like ours?


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