ECFH lauds CARE’s success

ECFH lauds CARE’s success

The East Caribbean Financial Holding Company (ECFH) is lauding the continued successes of the Center for Adolescent Renewal & Education (CARE), an institution supported by the group and one which is making a remarkable difference in the lives of at-risk youth in St. Lucia.

The Center for Adolescent Renewal & Education (CARE) has been identified by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) in its Strengthening Second Chance Education Programme.

This programme allows participating institutions to offer CXC’s Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) Levels 1 & 2, and the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competence (CCSLC) to students who successfully complete the various courses.

Such recognition is a testament of the quality of education and vocational training which C.A.R.E offers to youth at risk in St. Lucia.

The exciting news came as ECFH presented its annual donation of $40,000 to CARE. This was the second installment of a 3-year covenant between the two institutions. It also marks the eighth consecutive year of support by the ECFH Group.

The annual donations to CARE support the day to day operations of its Centers across the island. The programmes offered aim to engage and foster positive attitudes in adolescents and equip them with education and vocational skills for life. Students receive instruction in education, life skills and vocational training in various areas including English, mathematics, auto mechanics, carpentry and joinery, clothing and textiles, and electrical installation.

Senior Manager – Marketing & Corporate Communications, Maria Fowell pledged ECFH’s continued support to CARE and acknowledged the critical role it plays in youth development. She indicated that ECFH’s partnership with CARE is therefore a natural one, as youth development is at the core of the Group’s philosophy of corporate social responsibility.

She said, “ECFH has been a consistent and dedicated sponsor of CARE. We are mindful of the critical role that education plays in our national development and so we will continue to strengthen our relationship with CARE beyond our financial support.”

Executive Director of CARE Dr. Karleen Mason expressed thanks on behalf of the staff and students of the Institution.

She said, “ECFH unwavering commitment over the years, despite the challenges of the economic climate, means a lot to us at CARE. Our programmes have resulted in many success stories, including graduates of the institution who are now dedicated staff of the ECFH Group. So your investment in CARE is a good one, and one which continues to bear good fruit through the productive and disciplined young men and women we have been able to mould at CARE.”


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