ECCO says it fired its CEO and office manager for “deficiencies in management structure and operational procedures”


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ECCO CEO Steve Etienne

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Eastern Caribbean Collective Organization for Music Rights (ECCO) Inc wishes to advise the general public of its new Board of Directors, elected at the Company’s Annual General Meeting held on Saturday December 9, 2017.

The new Board comprises the following individuals:

St Lucia: Martin James (Elected Chairman), Christine Charlemagne (Elected Vice Chair). Claudia
Edward, Hugh James, Courtney Louis, Buffalo Odlum and Gilroy Hall

Dominica Daryl Bobb

Grenada Wayne Green

Antigua Tito Thomas

St Kitts & Nevis Vernalderine Francis

St Vincent & the Grenadines Jemmot Anthony

Consequently, the Board of Directors of ECCO hereby informs the general public that there are changes currently being adopted in regard to the operations of the Company.

An internal audit to facilitate planning for future operations has mandated changes in several key areas of operations. All of the prescribed and adopted changes are in accordance with the Labour Laws of St Lucia. These changes include the Chief Executive Officer and the Office Manager being relieved of their duties effective December 14, 2017. Reasons for this decision include deficiencies in management structure and operational procedures.

The Chief Executive Officer and Office Manager have served the organization for a lengthy period of time and the Board extends best wishes to them both as they move on. The effect of these decisions on the operations of the organization will be kept at a minimum with the temporary appointment of a director to oversee the organization’s day to day actions.

Please note that any additional changes will be communicated whilst ECCO continues its internal review aimed at providing better representation to its members and better quality service to its clients and the general public.

The organization also wishes to thank the many clients who continue to act in accordance with the law and extends seasons greetings to all members staff, clients and the general public.


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  1. Why are there musicians in the new board
    I sense a huge conflict of interests in the making

  2. He was fired long. I am not even trusting the current executive that was elected. Who is guarding the money. haha. who.

  3. So the board assumes it position on December 9 and by the 14 the guy was terminated. When did the board undertake the audit to conclude that there were 'deficiencies in management structure and operational procedures'.

    It appears that appointment to the board was premised on getting rid of the CEO.

  4. He nurtured and fattened the cash cow and now he is no longer allowed to milk it. Guess that he will have to move on to greener pastures where other cows are waiting to be milked.

  5. From my understanding, the board of ECCO is not very efficient. Arguments among board members can be heard across the street; The chairman has his title only in name and his post is not respected; and, the over governance of the board is deficient.

    Case in point: ECCO released this press release announcing changes on the Board and management. Nowhere are the qualifications or positions of the Board members mentioned. This is a gross oversight and hints to many internal failures.

  6. With every organization a change in leadership is necessary....... the capability of your organization is limited to your CEO , all organizations at some point has to change leadership. just wish sometimes our political leaders will follow suit.................

  7. ECCO has grown exponentially under the stewardship of Mr. Etienne. The course of events leads one to speculate on the charges being laid out.

    I am hoping that there will a positive move forward, one that does not see the institution embroiled in a lawsuit that further contribute to its decline.

    Our music industry is already fragile. It is fraught with monopolies and a possible sign of implosion. Hotels are exploiting musicians and government is not concerned with the possible income that can be derived from the exportation of music. Tourism itself is killing musicians. Small groups, small incomes paid. Computer regenerated accompaniment is now the norm. On this I can go on for days of the ills.

    We need to produce more music of all genres. As of now, music sales does not generate as much as a live performance. As a result of the market, true bands are now on a decline. There are only a few true bands on market. All of the others are sides put up for one event. Which makes ECCO a pivotal piece in establishing some form of respect and protection for the persons who are dedicated to producing and exporting of their music. If musicians allow ECCO to fail it will be a very sad day for intellectual property.

    To the individuals presently at the helm I hope you aware of the responsibility you have accepted. I can only hope that there is no conflict of interest between your roles and your professional output.

    In my humble opinion the administration from CEO down should not be musicians but professionals with a mandate that is geared to the growth and protection of artist. In our small society there will be scrutiny and decisions could be deemed subjective if it appears to favor specific groups or persons.

    We need ECCO. We need some form of stability within the institution and with the year ending a positive outlook for the new year. Give us that hope.

  8. "Reasons for this decision include deficiencies in management structure and operational procedures" how vague... like these guys were just looking for a reason to fire the man.

    • I can't see why they should be obligated to explain the termination of their CEO or any other employee to suit the public's curiosity. Would you ask FLOW or UNICOMER to explain the firing of their country manager?

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