ECADE calls political parties to state position on LGBT discrimination

ECADE calls political parties to state position on LGBT discrimination

3a7688a2-d01b-40a3-9ed1-f520c5ebb612PRESS RELEASE – The Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality (ECADE) stands in solidarity with United and Strong Inc in calling for political debate that addresses the pertinent issues of the day and holds leaders accountable for statements and/or actions that discriminate against a particular segment of the electorate.

ECADE makes this statement in reference to the ongoing social media debacle around the release of a video of Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Creative Industries Lorne Theophilus. In this video Theophilus uses of a derogatory term to describe leader of the United Workers Party Allen Chastanet. With this term having a long history of being used to insult and denigrate LGBT people, there has been a call for spokespersons from the LGBT community to respond. Both social and mainstream media have singled out Kenita Placide for comment. Placide is the former Executive Director of United and Strong and current director of ECADE and Caribbean Advisor for Out Right Action International.

While recognising the political mischief that motivates much of the online furore, ECADE takes the opportunity to express its alarm that the LGBT community is being used as a pawn by political operatives. The LGBT community will not be used as a pawn, scapegoat or punching bag in political strategy but will however, address issues which are recognised as relevant and of import.

The convenient release of the video is questionable and suggests political motives behind its release. Even more problematic however are the contents. Minister Theophilus has verified the validity of the said video and contents in his public responses, as he attempted to issue an apology via news and social media. We note that Minister Theophilus’ seemingly casual and cavalier use of the term represents a troubling and hurtful cultural acceptance of language that denigrates LGBT persons and diminishes the value of their lives.

This common practice whether in the context of a private conversation or public statement is hurtful and damaging, it encourages continued stigma of LGBT people and validates acts of discrimination and violence against them. We do however acknowledge his statement that, “I do apologize to all that were and may be offended by the comment which on my reflection was careless and ill-advised.”

We note that there are many positives on which the government of Saint Lucia can be commended, including collaborating on multiple LGBTI police sensitisation sessions, erecting no barriers to the hosting of several LGBTI conferences and the welcoming of gay cruises to our shores. The government has also recognised the major LGBTI representative group, United and Strong for its leadership on LGBTI and HIV issues as most recently as the Human Rights Council’s Universal Periodic Review, which is the review of states’ human rights records at the United Nations in Geneva.

It is unfortunate that Minister Lorne Theophilus, who seems to have been sensitised, supportive and aware of the issues of the LGBT community, is at the centre of this furore. However the consequential amplification of the issue raises awareness of the historic socialisation of insensitivity which feeds the stigma and discrimination from the helm and must also be addressed from that level.

Finally, there cannot be a call for the dismissal of Minister Theophilus, without a call for the dismissal of Minister Alva Baptiste who was singled out for bigoted statements at the OAS General Assembly or even the removal of Sarah Flood Beaubrun from the ballot for her openly anti-LGBT comments locally, regionally and internationally in her professional capacity. Flood’s well know anti-LGBT agenda, even as a representative of the government of Saint Lucia, has been conveniently forgotten, even in this current discussion on the responsibilities of those in political office.

The Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality therefore calls on all political parties and those aspiring to govern the country, to make a full position statement on the issue of LGBT discrimination and to take a public stand against the use of damaging language in public and private spheres.


Established 2015, the Eastern Caribbean Alliance for Diversity and Equality Inc. (ECADE) is a regional network of organisations working across the Eastern Caribbean. Drawing on The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states that: “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights” and “All are equal before the law and are entitled without any discrimination to equal protection of the law”, ECADE is providing an empowering environment to increase skills and capacity for advancement of LGBTQI and marginalised populations in Saint Lucia and the eastern Caribbean.


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  1. Forget yall and that nastiness... yall run the world now so this is my confirmation that the end is near just like sodom and gomorrah.. I may not go to heaven but you sickos sure aint either...


  2. fire burn that LGBT vibe deh! Take dat abomination somewhere else! FIRE FIRE FIRE for dat!


  3. Look this is never a political issue and should neve be. Morality cannot be ligislated. It belong squarely to the matter of conscience. Go back and look up the meaning of natural law and the rule of God. No matter how much man tries to accommodate the habits of others for peaceful coexistence and such habits are not in accordance with God's will there will always be chaos. God does not punish us. We punish our own selves when we go against the principles of natural law and what God has prescribed as good for our peaceful coexistence.


  4. We the masses support Sarah as she represents our moral standing........ brake tun.


  5. wow i never thought theses lgbt people would be given so much power right now .so its like you cant call anyone no names one you discriminate by calling a certain name you must get punished and if you do you might have to resign from your job. smdfh


  6. Kenita you allegedly allow the labour party to influence your advocacy group. SHAME ON YOU! You and your group waited a whole week before responding to this matter. You allow Politics to interfere with the work for the Gay community. Shame on you.


  7. Sing for your supper my girl. This statement is more political than those of the candidates themselves.


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