EC$250,000 reward offered in Oliver Gobat’s murder

EC$250,000 reward offered in Oliver Gobat’s murder
From left to right: Helen Gobat, Peter Foster and Theo Gobat.
From left to right: Helen Gobat, Peter Foster and Theo Gobat.

The parents of slain Saint Lucian hotelier Oliver Gobat is offering an EC$250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of suspects in his killing.

The announcement was made today at a special press conference held at the Cap Maison Resort. Oliver’s mother and father, Helen and Theo Gobat, along with their attorney Peter Foster, were the ones to make the announcement.

Helen told a large gathering of media operatives today that the untimely death of her son has caused the entire family severe emotional pain, describing it as a state of “limbo”.

“I would like to see the evil people who brought this upon Olie, brought to justice for Olie’s sake, for our sake and for the sake of Saint Lucians and everybody who visits this wonderful island,” she said.

Both parents believe that Olie was killed by more than one or two persons. “It is horrible to say that your son is murdered in Saint Lucia,” Helen said.

Asked whether they are satisfied with the work being done by the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), Helen replied to say, as a parent, she would have rather have things done faster.

“I think they were some basic mistakes, where the car and the body were moved and the crime scene was not cordoned off, which makes it difficult to investigate down the line,” Helen added.

However, she said Saint Lucia is a small country and it doesn’t have a “super efficient” police force like those in the United States and United Kingdom.

She said local police lack the experience on how to deal with crime of that magnitude and said this is understandable because there is not much crime like that happening here.

Helen also revealed that the family has employed a forensic team from the United Kingdom to help with the investigations. This was made possible with the help of friends and family, who all created a fund for the late Oliver Gobat.

According to her, the government has endorsed the forensic team and the RSLPF has accepted to work alongside the team in their investigations.

“We are hopeful that these things turn up, it takes some time, some of the members of the team resolved crimes 25 years old in England,” she told the local media.

Meanwhile, Oliver’s father Theo said he thinks that Oliver’s killers will be brought to justice, but it might take some time for this to happen. “We will never give up, we will keep on trying until we get answers,” he asserted.

Asked whether they are fearful for their lives, following their son’s gruesome murder, Helen said, “to a point yes, Oliver was killed unexpectedly, unpredictably and outrageously, so how we know that the same people are coming for us? It’s not the same kind of feeling in Saint Lucia for us.”

Theo expressed similar sentiments. He said he feels uneasy every day since his son’s killing. “I do look over my shoulder more often than I would do. It’s not the quiet peaceful place I remember. It is a troubling time.”

Further, the family attorney said the possibilities of the crime being a high-profile hit, with roots beyond these borders, are also being investigated.

Questioned on comments made by friends of Oliver in the international media where they hinted that he (Oliver) might have been in a deal, which went wrong and later led to his execution, Foster said there are no links to those allegations. However, the family attorney did say that Oliver was involved in business transactions here at the time of his death.

Oliver’s parents are also pushing to get foreign assistance in the investigation. In July the RSLPF asked for assistance from the United Kingdom, but was blocked.

The family has since written the Commonwealth office, seeking a resolution and trying to get the much-needed assistance to help local police to investigate their son’s killing.

Oliver was a Saint Lucia, British and Australian citizen.

Helen said the family has received a lot of love and support from staff at the Landings Resort and many Saint Lucians, friends and relatives and have expressed their deep appreciation for the support.

The family is asking anyone who has information relating to Oliver’s death to step forward and provide the information. They can do so by making contact with the Justice for Olie Hotline on 1 -758 -720- 5543 or email [email protected]

Oliver’s body was cremated on October 27. His ashes were scattered off Smuggler’s Cove Beach on November 17 to commemorate his 39th birthday.

Oliver Gobat’s body was found in his Range Rover on Cap Estate on April 25 burnt beyond recognition.


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  1. So nobody not checking on Sherlan and Larry? So the police go pretend larry wasn't somehow involved? That's all I'll say.


  2. Again all the killings must stop,people take back our island from these foriners they are the ones with all the crime drugs and the killing we as lucians must be vigulant and take our island back from the hoodlums rapist robbers criminals the police must do more wake up pm Kenny chief of police get your guys doing more work for the people of st.lucia and not for the killer's.


  3. Police in st.lucia stop covering up this murder,please get to work and find the killer or killers who took this young man's life to much killing in st.lucia what's going on it's a shame people please help the Gobat's and St.lucia and also killings that happened before that wake up St.lucia.


  4. Gobats reward is out! Let's see how the snakes try to hide in the long grass! My guess is there will be people that know something now living in fear of comeback if they speak up! Or else they are being silenced and made keep quiet because of a threat! It's a cert that some in the government ,police force and corrupt business men know something, they will know who they are! So let's see and check contacts of people getting killed off or committing suscide as they may also be a lead to the bigger fish! If the police do their job right!


  5. Apparently some ppl on here know who murdered this man if he was indeed murdered... if yall know just state it... yall can put yall name as nobody will kno who says it and jus put da info and let dat settle..... if it eh go happen so...then plz jus shut yall bums up.


    • Where have you been? Have you not been following the news? Did you not read the report in SNO?

      You said:Apparently some ppl on here know who murdered this man if he was INDEED murdered - Why do you mean by if he was murdered?All the reports have stated that he was murdered.What are you trying to say? Your comments are at best laughable.What stone have you crawled from under? You are the only person in here who may NOT have heard about this man being murdered. Quite possibly the only person in St Lucia who have not heard..some people!


      • and furthermore (continuing from my last reply) ofcourse he was murdered... its plastered everywhere?!... did u not see in this article and the previous ones where ppl was sayin hes sittin on a beach somewhere...or hes in Colombia bla bla bla...?! like they second guessing it all... this is for them... "if he is indeed murdered" like how can u be in that much of a delusional state. this is not for u...smh


        • What are you on about mate? The man was murdered and the PM examination results are out to prove that he was. The papers in England and St Lucia would not be running a story about someone who was murdered which wasn't true.

          I am yet to see where it said he is on the beach in Colombia - where did you read this? Can you share the link with us readers in this forum? Which paper published this?.. Or are you trying to win this argument with your make up fiction... Are you Colombian by the way? Perhaps you should tell his family and the police about your invented Colombian tale.


          • what da hell are u on about?!?! like i said it was not for u... it was for the OTHER PPL...SAYIN THAT HE IS NOT DEAD...HES ON A BEACH WHEREVER OR HES IN COLOMBIA..OR HES IN RUSSIA....jus in this thread KILL BILL said hes in the southern pacific sippin whatever.... are u serious? do u even read the comments before u speak? i said my sarcasm was not for u...or anybody that believes he is dead...cause from the amount of comments ive seen sayin he isnt...on this article and several others....i dont kno how ppl can still be denying this


    • you obviously have no idea. Why would anyone want to alert the person responsible by putting their name on an open forum. you lucians embarrass me. i ain't never coming back


      • apparently the last statement "if it eh go happen so then plz just shut yall bums up" didnt cough up the obvious sarcasm that ull need to be aware... im sayin that if everybody gonna be like "i kno who it is" but not even try and help...its usless.... if u kno and wont talk then shut the hell up...


  6. 1 this lawyer doesnt run a police department the police didnt preserve any evidence it was professional hit who exactly is the family talking too


  7. Trust me...the family has information and their eyes are on some people...hence the reason for the reward ... I'm just really hoping that these persons are brought to justice! It's a sad sad state of affairs.


  8. This is what the Daily Mail is reporting below.Could that theory be true?

    A theory previously considered by police is that money he was using to FINANCE a new hotel development came from a drugs gang who were using the legitimate business to launder their CASH.
    When that deal failed to materialise, they demanded their money back. Mr Gobat was unable to pay so they had him killed.

    From the Daily Mail.


  9. What a place St Lucia has become . The beautiful island where we have had so many good memories and childhood. This family are in bits but being strong as you have to be but as one who has had a mother also murdered here it takes time to heal but you never quite get over it. The worse part now is waiting for justice when the perpetrator is in jail and the length of time it takes. Helen & Theo - be strong and brave - someone will spill the beans


  10. "An EC $250,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of suspects in his killing."

    Let us break this down.....Info must lead to the ARREST and PROSECUTION of the suspected individuals. The easy part is arrest, if our excellent DPP Office can handle the prosecution that's another story all by itself.

    So the conditions of receiving that money is already 50%-50%. If the DPP Office fails you, you dont get the money and you're a dead man/woman walking!

    Also, it is $250,000 "EC" dollars. (Smaller than some Lotto jackpots here lol). Is that enough for an informant to travel and start a new life? Because there is no way with this possible high profile killing that this 'Informant' will be able to remain in St Lucia after the court case and live a normal life.

    Look at how many times witnesses have been killed/shot in St Lucia even before the Court Case was over. A young lady from La Clery's child was shot once to scare her off from giving testimony in a murder trial some years ago.


    • why would you post such a comment. this serves as a deterrent for persons who wouldve been forthcoming with information..MAN some of us dont think.. maybe if you were the one in the situation you would understand.


  11. In any murder investigation everyone and everything has to be looked into. Everyone is a suspect until the person or persons responsible is brought to justice. Since this young man was murdered back in April not much have been done to get to the bottom of this case. The police have gone to sleep.

    Now with the help of a maverick lawyer the family have announced a huge reward to help flush out the killer/s. They have even enlisted the help of British forensics with funds collected from friends and family to help fund this which begs the question: Why offer so much reward money? Some of that reward money could be spent on the forensic side of things which could bring about a speedy conclusion.

    Throwing around large sums of money will not help bring the culprit/s to justice any sooner. This takes time and effort.It takes diligence and old fashioned detective work. It takes knocking on doors and speaking to informants as relationship changes. The people who were once friends may not be on speaking terms and may be willing to speak. They may be willing to tell what Jack and Jill told them back in April.Money is involved and so there will be a switch of allegiances. There are NO friends when it comes to money.

    The parents are talking about bringing in officers from the yard (Scotland Yard) like they are the only people who can help solve crimes. St Lucia is an independent country and it's police force is quite capable of helping solve this crime. The police need to put in some more time and effort and to dig deeper.Patience is vital here.

    They need to look into the victim's background and the people and business deals he may have been involved with. No stones should be left unturned and all lines of inquiries should be vigorously pursued.

    They need to look into the family's background as well. There have been lots of cases where family members have turned out to be the ones responsible for the very crimes that they want investigated. Lots of cases in the UK. Sometime ago a man torched his house killing his children in there - he then had the guts to go on national TV and cried and in the process implored the British public to help catch the killers of this ghastly act. Not long after that he was arrested is now serving life in prison.

    There are numerous cases in the UK where those playing innocent are the ones being arrested charged and tried. They then get convicted and banged up. No one should be immune from this investigation.No one.

    Perhaps the parents should hire private detectives if they feel that the police in St Lucia isn't doing enough to help bring the perpetrators to justice. There are plenty of retired detectives from the yard looking for new challenges and work. How about hiring a few? They would love to come stay in their hotel and soak up the atmosphere. Who wouldn't want to come to this splendid isle to do some detective work while lording it up at the same time? Having said this I think the authorities need to look closer to home.

    There are people out there who may have heard something. No matter how insignificant they need to come forward to divulge - They need to tell as it might be the key to helping solve the puzzle.

    The police In St Lucia can be slothful and indolent - We have seen so many cases go unsolved due mainly to the police's languid approach. They employ a nonchalant attitude towards crime solving in the country. That is where the commissioner needs to come in - he needs to get his officers out there without fail gathering up all the evidence they can collect to help bring those responsible to justice.

    They need to revisit other unsolved crimes as well. The Gobat family are not the only victims here. There are many others seeking justice for their love ones who was murdered. They need closure. They need to know that the people who took away their love ones are being punished for what they did.All avenues needs to be explored and exploited. No one should be left out of this. Find the motive and you will find the killer/s. Over To You RSLPF.


    • i dont even know where to begin to tell you how wrong you are, it's full of contradictions. Just one though, "St Lucia is an independent country and it’s police force is quite capable of helping solve this crime" then "The police In St Lucia can be slothful and indolent – We have seen so many cases go unsolved due mainly to the police’s languid approach." So which one is it?

      St Lucia is independent in name, although swimming in debt and reliant on handouts. The police cannot solve this crime, like they have not solved the hundreds of other crimes which have gone unpunished over the years. They make the same errors time and again when there is a homicide (jumping straight in at the scene)and ruining the evidence. It's actually insulting that you think so highly of the police, when the track record is there to see.

      Stop drinking the kool aid and the make believe. Let the family spend the money how they see fit.


      • Yes they are indolent and slothful and yes they are taking a languid approach - There are many crimes going unsolved due to this approach. But I still feel the police have it in them to solve this crime.

        I was only pointing out to the few flaws that exists within the police department.. These flaws aside the police should quite easily be able to solve this murder. There are a few some hard working detectives who can help bring closure to this case.This took place right on their doorstep - A stone's throw away from Port Castries.It's only a matter of time before the perpetrators of this reprehensible act be brought to justice.