EC Global Mabouya Valley football kicks off

EC Global Mabouya Valley football kicks off

The 2013 EC Global/Mabouya Valley Under-20 Football Tournament got off to an exciting start last Sunday with an official launching ceremony and march-past at the La Ressource Playing Field.

This is the fourth year of the tournament which has generated a high level of participation and excitement among the competing teams.

The tournament got underway with a highly competitive repeat of the final of the inaugural competition when three-time defending champion, Young Generation came up against Aux Lyon United. Aux Lyon United emerged victorious 2-1, with a blistering goal in the 75th minute.

This year’s tournament drew large crowds and supporters with representatives of EC Global Insurance and Mabouya Valley Youth and Sports Council in attendance.

CEO of EC Global, Leathon Khan congratulated the Mabouya Valley Youth and Sports Council for its hosting of the competition. “EC Global applauds the high level of zeal and enthusiasm that this tournament – and our involvement in it – has generated within the teams and their supporters. In sponsoring this competition we are also fulfilling a key component of the corporate social responsibility policy of our parent company which is youth development through sport among other activities.”

The EC Global/Mabouya Valley U-21 Football Tournament is Coordinated by the Mabouya Valley Youth and Sports Council and sponsored by EC Global Insurance Company, the insurance arm of the East Caribbean Financial Holding Group (ECFH).

It will last for approximately five weeks ending in September. There are nine teams competing namely: Young Generations, Survivals, Chesters, Spurs, Aux Lyons United, Rovers United, RYO, Monarchs and Togetherness Youth.


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  1. Anonymous rest assured that all the footballers in this tournament had 'shin' guards. It is sanctioned by FIFA so all rules were followed. The photo you are seeing there is for the march-past. Before the games, all players geared up and had a competitive day of play.


  2. our footballers should wear sheen pads before they step on a playing field,part of fifa safety. please someone sponsor our football teams wit sheen pads.. lottery funds,etc...can help..


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