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Ebola survivor shunned by boyfriend, even school

Jamaica Observer

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In this photo taken Monday, Aug. 11, 2014, Sulaiman Kemokai a Ebola virus survivor stretches in front of his house in the Heigbema Village in Kenema situated in the Eastern Province around 300km, (186 miles), from the capital city of Freetown in Kenema, Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone, Sulaiman Kemokai, 20, was released from an Ebola treatment center on Sunday after spending 25-days in a ward there. He still feels stiffness in his joints but says he is gaining strength each day. (AP Photo/ Michael Duff)

CONAKRY, Guinea (AP) — The medical school professors no longer want Kadiatou Fanta in the classroom. Her boyfriend has broken up with her. Each day the 26-year-old eats alone and sleeps alone. Even her own family members are afraid to touch her months after she survived Ebola.

Long gone are the days when she was vomiting blood and wracked by fever. And even with a certificate of health declaring her as having recovered, she says it’s still as though “Ebola survivor” is burned on her flesh.

“Ebola has ruined my life even though I am cured,” she says. “No one wants to spend a minute in my company for fear of being contaminated.”

The Ebola virus is only transmitted through direct contact with bodily fluids of the sick, such as blood, saliva, urine, sweat or semen. When the first cases emerged in Guinea back in March, no one had ever confronted such a virulent and gruesome disease in this corner of Africa.

The current outbreak now has killed more than 1,000 people, according to the latest figures from the World Health Organization. The fatality rate in previous Ebola outbreaks has been up to 90 percent, though health officials say this time up to half of victims are surviving.


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  1. Cured is the operative word. She is healed. Why in 2014 people still display such ignorance. They should find out what she did to survive the diseases.

  2. St Lucia really have ignorant ppl wii. Glad she got better

  3. I'll b your friend cause we all must die someday

  4. She should be able to travel anywhere now, including here since she is Ebola free or did it ever matter.

  5. Why did that story bigin with a he an ended with her. For sure I would stay away.

  6. Anon .....are you dumb stupid or blind ? Didn't u read she has RECOVERED FROM IT AS IN SHE HAD IT ...SHE HAS BEEN CURED ...AND NOW NO LONGER HAS IT. ....Some people are always so quick to jus comment without reading and understanding what they "supposingly read". And for the RECOVERED Ebola patient thats jus sad

    • that disease serious though,kills quickly, people not too quick to risk their lives for that,u have to understand these people have their friends and family dying all around them,that can really traumatize,enough for people too not take the term ''recovered'' lightly hence “No one wants to spend a minute in my company for fear of being contaminated.”.No one will know the fear that one would feel unless they are actually in the immediate environment.

  7. God bless her soul...However, we are taught to stay away.....

  8. (sarcasm) Why this girl is complaining about people avoiding her after she has been contaminating with a virus that has a 90% survival rate,no known cure ,and has killed over 700 people(sarcasm)?If it was me i would more encourage people to stay away from me because their bodies might not have the same immunity as mine.People to be more selfless than that.

  9. Wow good 4 her.


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