Health Ministry engages more stakeholders on Ebola

Health Ministry engages more stakeholders on Ebola

Government has stepped up its Ebola sensitization campaign, with the Ministry of Health engaging more stakeholders in the discussions.

On Wednesday November 12, a Committee of Permanent Secretaries who are responsible for the implementation of various programmes as it pertains to the Ebola Action Plan met for a similar workshop.

Cabinet Secretary,Darrel Montrope has said that Ebola is a national Health issue and requires several governmental agencies working collaboratively.

Hence, the discussion was held to clarify roles and build support for a united and well developed national response to the threat of the Ebola Virus Disease.

At that meeting, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Cointha Thomas informed the gathering that the local team that was in Cuba undergoing clinical training in handling Ebola patients received high quality training.

She said the team would be able to train others and upgrade Saint Lucia’s ebola emergency response plan. Saint Lucia has also upgraded protective equipment for persons dealing with suspected cases of ebola.

Meanwhile, a community sensitization meeting was held at the Fond Assau Resource Centre.

This was the second such community outreach activity by the Bureau of Health Education, held to educate residents in the various communities on measures to be taken to avoid the spread of the Ebola Virus as well as other infections.

The first meeting was on Tuesday at the Boguis Primary School.

District Medical Officer Dr. Oliver Austin said despite the poor turnout participants received information that would empower them to protect themselves and to spread the word.

Austin said that the residents wanted to know about the Health Ministry’s plans for a national public awareness campaign on Ebola and they were given that information.


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  1. Funny Government. You guys can't solve Chikungunya and expect to solve Ebola. Imagine a second that it was Ebola and not Chinkungunya that had hit us. See how it would have spread. They said do your part, clean your surroundings. Have you seen near courts marisule. Water just sitting in a "drain" with no where to go. Perfect breeding spot. useless Government.


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