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Earthquake recorded in Saint Lucia

By SNO Staff

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The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre (UWISRC) has confirmed that a 3.6 magnitude earthquake was felt in the North of St. Lucia, at around 1:03 p.m.

It was located at 14.29°N and 61.08°W and had a depth of 29km. 

Persons in Rodney Bay and Beausejour felt the tremor.

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  1. What is being done to prepare for this major earthquake. Are there evacuation measures being put in place? Are these measures made known to people?

  2. felt it at work in CUL DE SAC ...

  3. Somebody upstairs is warning. Stop the ungodly ways before the big one.
    Indeed, the Churches have failed and are not preaching the 'Word of God"
    This is the 'End times' if you fail to obey His commandments, His visit is near.
    Think of it, look all around, Zika, Floods, extreme heat, wild fires, Today Italy, tomorrow??

  4. Felt it in the Entrepot area.

  5. Felt it at Marisule

  6. we felt it in the marc bexon area


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