Early morning showers cause flooding

Early morning showers cause flooding

Early morning showers have resulted in flooding in some areas on the island.

Travelers from the south who used the east coast highway had difficulty getting into town as the Bexon River overran its banks.

Commuters were forced to either wade through the excess water or wait for the flooding to recede. A number of vehicles which traveled as far as Bexon had to turn back as the road was impassable.

There were similar reports for the Marc, Bexon area. Flooding was also reported in the vicinity of the Thomazo Bridge in Dennery and Fond Gens Libre, a small community in Soufriere at the foothills of the Gros Piton.

Similarly, the river near the Grande Riviere Secondary School also flowed into the streets.


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  1. Where is timothy mangal the J piere who brag so much about bexon and that the former UWP administration had no answer to the flooding in Bexon? what are they saying now?


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