UPDATE: Shooting at Wilton’s Yard

UPDATE: Shooting at Wilton’s Yard


One male individual was reportedly shot in the leg by police early Sunday morning.

According to reports, the shooting happened at Wilton’s Yard in Castries just after 8 a.m.

The victim has been identified as Mandel John, 18, of that same area.

One of the man’s relatives said he was standing on the street when police opened fire.

The woman claims that John “was shot for no reason.”

The injured man was taken to hospital for treatment.


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  1. What interest does the st Lucian Government have in a place like grave yard that they won't do something about it?


  2. U had a gun going shoot someone u maybe would take his life...just so...he was only going in the supermarket ....smh...poll have all kind of things to say...he got what he was looking for...graveyard is a problem in st lucia ...so long they have been doing..it's time things start happen to dem..and His mother..she always saying her son eh doing non...lol well look it now...ppl u believe a police go just shoot somebody that just standing deh....let b real....


  3. Shot for no reason? The police ask you to stop more than once you stop, you don't run away. I witnessed the shooting this morning on my way to church.


  4. Wait a minute...for real.that's what the cops their time do, base on the short article posted,the man was simply standing and the Police suddenly shot him. So are we saying here the Job of the Police is to shot by standers..we have to be responsible in what we say. If that's the case here we in Saint Lucia have to be careful..but remember the same law for us, is the same to the Police. This guy must must been on the Police card for a crime committed. I am supporting the idea of getting reed of the sore eye that area. Most of these guys in that area are not from Wilton yard. In fact not front Castries.


    • The Min of Justice said on hts he provided the victims photo to the police he was wanted for crimes committed earlier so don't give me that shitbthat he was a good boy doing nothing. It's time the exterminate the grave yard of all the vermin.


  5. The relative says he got shot for no reason? Was he just standing there waiting to be shot in the leg? i know we have some trigger happy cops but that sounds ridiculous. Shooting a man in the leg for no reason is just cruel and a butt load of inconvenience. Now you have to watch him bleed out and call ambulance and then answer a bunch of questions from the brass. No smart cop would go around shooting a man who is no imminent threat.

    Why dont we fix this Wilton's Yard situation for good? Just evict all those people causing problems and let the good citizens have a chance to buy the property minus the criminal elements. I hope to see a day when Wilton's Yard is no longer the eye sore and fecal wasteland of our city. It's time the HUD minister make a deal with the landowner and transform this ghetto into a descent community.


    • If the BIG BRAINS in the SLP were as smart as they claimed to be, they would have long fixed that eye sore. Low-income housing or a school would have transformed this hell hole. SLP only knows how to create ghettos and hell holes.


      • now the UWP have the chance. How long will the take before they build the School with swimming, bank or hotel?


      • Like seriously???? Pshhhh, why its had to be a particular party???? The problem with graveyard did not start yesterday, it goes back as far as 15 to 20 years. Choops


        • Dem come arxing for votes and dem say dat they goin fix de problems. Demi create more ghetto than nobody else, instead. En rouge in you tails.


    • "Just evict all those people causing problems
      make a deal with the landowner
      they would have long fixed that eye sore
      This guy must must been on the Police card for a crime committed.
      Now you have to watch him bleed out and call ambulance and then answer a bunch of questions from the brass. No smart cop would go around shooting a man who is no imminent threat."



  6. Mr blingbling that hogwash u just spewed out is garbage.The cops have A job to do yes but if there are witnesses and their accounts differ from what the police are stating,there is A need for accountability.Furthermore If I were you I would reserve judgement until all the facts are ascertained and published.You are A despicable human being to write this pathetic nonsense .


    • And you are a damn ENABLER! People like you sound like you are more upset about the police shooting down KNOWN criminals than the fact than these fellas are out there raping, killing innocent women and children, robbing at gun-point innocent hardworking citizens and tourists. Terrorizing our childrens' schools. Making Lucians feel fear in walking past certain parts of an island that's already small enough without all these gang areas. But yes, sympathize with these thugs..aww poor jab them and the evil police for not letting them run down the damn country.


    • Charlo my point is simple.what i am saying is yes we all know about accountability and we all know what the process is when it comes to investigations. But let us look at a city with so many business. Can you imagine to exit the city you must pass a ghetto area? Take a hard look for yourself. I am not here to take sides. Its obvious there are potential witnesses and some are of these witnesses are from the same areas and would not even give a true account at times as to what happened. But yes some of our officers needs to be blamed for neglence and various offences committed even in and off uniform. But we have to work with the police to rid the city of all this crap. Today you talking it can be a member of your family walking and shit happens we to hypocrite in this country. When the police do good we pretend to support and when they shits up thats what we do wait to drop the venom on them. so dont tell me about patheticness. We st lucians dont like changes all we do is complain and make useless noise for nonses. The city of castries is sick and need the neccessary medication applied to make it a little better.


  7. As far as I can see government needs to get rid of all these ghetto in St lucia. And move these monsters down country side. Crime woukd be less if the got rid of these places and build parking lots. Especially behind courts. But on the other hand there is this gang leader who leaves in grass street and he encourage the youth into crime. Then he himself turns around and reports them to the police. If you ask anyone there are a few young guys sitting in jail on his behalf who had his stuff hiding for him after the crime was committed. And what did he do set the police up on these poor guys and now they are stuck in jail and he has already turned his back on them. Smh.


    • And tough love do u know what's worse than ghettos and the alleged Grass street gang leader?? IGNORANCE and ILLITERACY. The government needs to focus on our education systems so that imbeciles and judgmental persons like you would know simple elementary school grammar such as HOMONYMS . *gang leader who lives and not "leaves",I'm grass street .*
      "Nothing is worse than active ignorance ".


      • All those kids went to school I assure you. You come off as a prick though. Just correct the poster and be done with it. No need to be sitting on your high horse your grammar-nazi. U is actually spelt you. Just as u communicated your message with your incorrect spelling, the person you corrected did the same.


      • They just on the gang leaders case!! His innocent to all these nonsense that's going on ! The man is a big educated man and to stop studying his life! If they really wish to get his attention they need to get a number and get way to the back of the line! The time that they waste into posting things about him they need to use that time get an education do they won't be writing so much nonsense!


    • The only gang leader that I know from grass street is one who leads a gang of woman when he goes out !! If you wish to join that gang you need to get a number and get wayyy to the back of the line and wait ur turn only if u meet the requirements!!! What a contradiction that he makes them do crime And sets them up??????????????????????? The reality is those who do that they Are in jail cause what goes around comes around!!! Ok haters your turn to let off steam