Eaglefreight Adventist Premiere League first round of matches

Eaglefreight Adventist Premiere League first round of matches

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – The much anticipated Adventist Premiere League will host its first round of matches on Sunday the 18th of March. Please note the fixtures are as follows:

• Mount Olive All Stars vs. Maranatha Eagles at Grand-Riviere playing Field at 9:30am

• Bon Nouvelle District vs United Raiders at Monchy Playing Field at 10:30am

• Goodlands Rebels vs Labayee Rain Allstars at Labayee Church Playing Field at 10:30am

• Castries Bandags vs North Eastern Veterans at Labayee church Playing Field at 2:30pm

• Millet vs Vanard at Belair Playing Field at 2:30 pm

• Unique vs Ciceron at Ciceron Playing Field at 2:30 pm

Matches are scheduled to start on time, thus, supporters are asked to ensure they arrive before game time to support their favorite teams. They are also advised to exhibit positive attitudes and refrain from swearing or use of expletives.

While the tournament is intended to give athletes an opportunity to showcase their talent, it aims to instill positive attitudes and heighten the spirit of community togetherness through the game of cricket.

As a result of this primary objective the league is urging well-wishers to ensure proper decorum throughout the tournament.


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