DVRP aids Dennery Infant School

DVRP aids Dennery Infant School

(GIS) – The Dennery Infant School has been reconstructed under the Disaster Vulnerability Reduction Project (DVRP).

The initiative is aimed at building climate-resilient communities across Saint Lucia.

Mary Flavien, Principal of the Dennery Infant School explained that the school had issues with termites, as well as flooding and leaks.

“The school has been getting treatment for termites, but a few months down the line, the issue would resurface; and it was the same with leaks. We would have one leak surfacing after another.”

The improved structure includes a concrete roof, a lobby, a staffroom and additional washrooms. The updates ensure that the Dennery Infant School is more resilient and accommodating.

The principal expressed gratitude to the Government of Saint Lucia for the improvements.

“The classrooms are more spacious, there are sickrooms and showers, I must make note of the wheelchair accessible ramp. We are very grateful in Dennery, and at the Dennery Infant School for this new building. We are able to work more efficiently and effectively, this will impact positively on the students and the staff fo the school.”

Under the DVRP, drainage works has also been done to alleviate flooding in the vicinity of the Dennery Infant School.


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