Dust storms from DSH site wreaking havoc on health of workers at Beausejour Agricultural Complex

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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The complex is located just over 200 yards from the DSH work site.

(SNO) — A hail of dust which emanates from the general site of the Desert Star Holding (DSH) project where a horseracing track is currently being constructed is of much discomfort to the staff of the Beausejour Agricultural Complex in Vieux-Fort.

The complex is located just over 200 yards from the DSH work site.

According to the affected workers, who spoke to this reporter on condition of anonymity, they began experiencing such a problem several months ago when a hive of activities was observed taking place at the project.

Earlier this year, just after former prime minister Dr. Kenny Anthony announced that he would take the controversial project to court, work on the project proceeded with much urgency. At the moment a number of heavy duty equipment is engaged on the project, doing various works which generate a lot of dust.

Since then, the workers said they began experiencing nausea, dry and itchy throats and itchy eyes.

The workers added that the problem is more acute whenever it’s sunny and a bit windy.

“The dust is killing us. It’s unbearable,” a worker said.

Workers on the DSH project have admitted that the environment at and around the site is very dusty, and say that they understand the concerns of the staff at the Beausejour Agricultural Complex.

The complex is expected to be relocated to Micoud to give way for the construction of the horse racing track, which according to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, is expected to hold its first horse race next February.

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  1. They lie !! I work dsh though I'm against some of the government agreement yes there is some dust for real but the distance I see this building, and it's always enclosed there is hardly a way what they saying is true, I don't know why when you'll lie and say you sick God make it happen for real .

  2. First it was batshit asbestos and mold. Now these crybabys are crying about dust. I wish I had those problems at my job. Maybe they should eat all the animals...oh wait.

  3. Deal wth it, so !!?

  4. I live near the area and yes we get dust but it not making me sick. I don’t go sucking in the air like a fish. This is political and I strongly believe the work should go on. I want this project to finish ahead of next election and if God’s will is to return SLP to power, I really wanna see SLP shut it down. I’m for developing the south. Kenny has done jack shit for us and mind you I’m not a big fan of UWP.

  5. Why risk your health just get out. You go to work to die !

  6. SLP must b breaking in their pants as they hear dat,


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