Duo charged with murder of Babonneau man make second court appearance

Duo charged with murder of Babonneau man make second court appearance


Two people charged with the murder of Babonneau man, Dean Monlouis, made their second court appearance on Thursday at the First District Court.

Charles Justin, 30, and Neil Wilson, 28, both of La Guerre, Babonneau were charged with the murder of Monlouis, who was discovered in a shallow grave on Thursday, March 24, near his home.

The duo attempted to shield from cameras on their arrival at court.

Their legal counsel was absent from the proceeding and the hearing was adjourned to a later date.

Relatives of the murder victim, claim Monlouis disappeared three days prior to the discovery of his decomposing remains.

Reports are that Monlouis shared an apartment with the two murder accused.

Neighbours have speculated that the deceased had a heated exchange with his roommates, over an alleged illicit activity, which may have led to his disappearance.

Monlouis was later discovered buried under a coconut tree.


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  1. Why don't people think before they act, just take a few minutes, its a sad situation . My heart goes out to all the family members on both sides.Growing up in the seventies i never heard of killings like this, young people lets try to be good to each other. I am praying that God will put a hand on this beautiful island of St.Lucia.


  2. My gosh!!!! The prison don't have anymore space!!!!....what is the ratio of prison guards to immates? If I were a prison officer I would quit already, because I don't see a positive outcome to this...what if these guys decided to riot one day?.......I hope that the government is being proactive in keeping our prison officials safe.


  3. What's going on in Babonneau? an other two charged with murder,
    I see on first page one more arrested for the deaf of his brother, a pretty
    young lady arrested and charged in Barbados for the possession of narcotics;
    is St. Lucia cursed? yo tout modi? is that due to poverty and unemployment?
    where are the "Better days - jobs jobs lobs?" now is Housing in Castries, well, fool me once, shame on me, but twice? forget it. Wont happen. Time for a change.


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