Duo charged with assaulting Soufriere teen on video

Duo charged with assaulting Soufriere teen on video


Two female teenagers were charged for attacking and beating another female in Soufriere, in a video which was recorded and posted on social media.

Perclyn Joseph, 18, and Shaneika Andrew,19, were jointly charged on Thursday with assault and damage perpetrated on Abigail Lucien, 16, also of Soufriere.

Police Press Officer Zachary Hippolyte told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the duo will make their first court appearance at the Second District Court on Friday.

SNO understands that the video link was sent to Head of the Southern Division Superintendent Moses James and the Soufriere Police Station, who carried out the investigation.

The victim was seen receiving kicks and punches allegedly by the two teenager. Throughout the video the young lady was seen trying to escape the duo as they continuously knocked her to the ground.

Running away and crying, the lady was surrounded by a crowd who stood by and watched as the assailants rained blows on her as she struggle to simply stand on her feet.

What started the confrontation is not yet known but reports are that the alleged accused were seen commenting on the video on social media in an effort to justify their actions.


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  1. My heart bled for the scenes I saw in that video. All those involved should be charged especially those two vicious hooligans who could have killed that girl hadn't she ran away . No one has the right to take the law in their hands and I cant tell you how disgusted and sad I feel for what I saw in that video.


  2. I hope that the young man who was inciting the the two women to commit the act will be charged also.


    • Indeed.i can hear the dumbass who was filming the act asking the duo in his poor French language to rain the victim with punches.he must be held responsible for that


  3. What about the big jaw negro jumping and shouting, "hit her in her head"
    He's just as bad with his slave and gutter mentality and needs to be put away. Useless thug and menace to society.


  4. This is so sickening. Like our beloved politicians who created this mess, these people are coarse. Savages really.


  5. Young children dont behavior that way, they all knew exactly what they were doing. I am betting you my last dollar if this teenager approach them they will not be able to make a scandal like that again
    The pimp who was firing them up should be charged too dam idiot. We need to be each others keeper.


  6. Whaaattt? Dem girls only 18 &19. Things must be really hard in Soufriere cause them girls look like they've been to hell and back.


  7. Hope lesson learned, and they think twice before attacking someone else. Thumbs up to the police for doing a good job on this one. Others will take note.


  8. The blight in Soufriere is manifesting itself in the brake down
    of Law and Order now for sometime. The maladministration
    of a once proud and peaceful town, once the breadbasket of
    St.Lucia has allowed itself to be shameful in the eyes of the
    region and beyond. Seeing this, what would potential tourists
    think of you and what has the local representative said about
    this and the many other disorderly behavior recorded there?
    I suppose it is o.k. to criticize those who cannot speak patois
    like you can, and to shut your eyes to the deterioration of the
    social fabric of that once beautiful and law abiding town.


  9. the camara man should be charge cause he self telling the girls to punch her in her head and using cus words


  10. The idiot ( *who by the way sounded like a man ), that was egging on these two women to assault this young lady, should also be brought up on charges. Their actions was just despicable!


  11. It doesn't matter what this yong woman did, those young women had no right to act so viciously. Now I am sure they will cook up a lie, but who cares. They are seen breaking the law on social media in the eyes of so many witnesses. People, it is high time we learn to do more important things with our time and stop hurting others. It is painful watching young people throwing their lives away like this.


  12. lol not video yall want to make an put on face book, but all the time i thought was big women that did the girl that messay what these girls eating down there.


  13. Those girls deserve severe punishments charging those individuals won't do anything... what if they decides to come after her again... those Lil pigs will surely pay for that one day


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