Duke of Edinburgh finds a willing partner in Celestial


Regional Communications Ltd, manufacturers of Cellestial branded cell phones, tablets and laptops in St. Lucia has sponsored one its team-members for participation in the annual international Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme camp – dubbed the Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council.

Every year the Award Program holds an international gathering in the region attracting young people from all over the Caribbean and parts of the USA, Canada and the UK. This year, the two and a half week event will be hosted in Barbados.

Lana Dujon, a technical supervisor at Cellestial is one of 14 Saint Lucians who qualified for the multi-cultural leadership immersion programme. According to Dujon, selection was based on her high level of achievement in all local Scheme activities. She is also one of the few female leaders attending.

Dujon, who has been a member of the Scheme for nine years and a technician at Cellestial for the past 14 months, says the annual opportunity has proved invaluable for millions of young people internationally, whose life path it has positively impacted. Coincidentally Lana just passed her Level One Cellular Engineering International Certification with distinction at Cellestial last week.

“People all over the world come to experience an international Expedition and Exploration. The purpose of this activity is for participants to complete their qualifying journey for their Silver or Gold award and for Leaders to become qualified and gain global leadership experience. My attendance at CASC will internationally qualify me to run camps and functions more efficiently. It will also be of personal benefit socially, physically, spiritually and mentally. I will learn about cultures from all over the region and hopefully make many new life-long friends.” states Dujon.

Not having the financial means to attend was solved when Regional Communications intervened with a sponsorship offer she could not refuse. The Company, in its quest to become a model employer, advocates personal empowerment, skills training and the elevation of the human condition as brand ideals.

It is this same brand philosophy that has resulted in the ground-breaking partnership with the NSDC to deliver a series of success stories by recruiting and training technicians through the Single Mothers in Life and Employment Skills program (SMILES).

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards Scheme is about personal development through goal setting and personal challenge in the areas of Service, Adventurous Journey, Skills and Physical Recreation. Cellestial’s Executive Director, Castries-born George Benson says there is a strong resonance between the Scheme’s philosophy and that of his company as they both seek to promote a balanced sense of purpose, self-esteem, self-respect and personal independence.

“I am familiar with the impact that the Scheme has had on world youth and this is one of the few awards in which the total person is developed – from medical training to outdoor survival to academic achievement. It takes seven to eight different dimensions of the human being, and creates the conditions for participants to excel in all of them” states Mr. Benson.

“As a St. Lucian owned and managed company, we’re very proud that one of our own is positioned in such an elevated and respect role at this event. St. Lucia should be equally proud that one its daughters represent us at this esteemed venue.” concludes Benson.


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