Du Boulay’s Bottling Company rubbishes Jamaican newspaper report

By SNO Staff

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Managing Director of Du Boulay’s Bottling Company, Dunstan Du Boulay displays Coca-Cola Zero. * The St. Lucia Star photo

The Du Boulay family has refuted reports that seem to suggest that they sold the local Coke-bottling company for US$750,000.

The family said the article published under the caption: “CPJ pays US$750,000 for Coke bottling plant in St. Lucia”, is a misrepresentation of the facts and has caused major embarrassment for all parties involved.

“We were, to say the least, dumbfounded and dismayed to learn of this ridiculous, erroneous and misleading publication in the Jamaica Observer. DBC is a wholly family-owned company with no outside shareholders or interests whatsoever. At no time have we ever discussed or entertained any discussion pertaining to any transaction of such a nature with anyone.”

The family company said it is shocked to learn of this “fictitious” and “embarrassing” publication which has caused unwarranted concern to suppliers, customers and fellow St. Lucians.

“We wish to assure the public that there is no truth or merit in this article and, that as we speak our lawyers are in the process of dealing with this matter and initiating whatever action necessary to remedy this ugly situation,” the company said.

CPJ (Jamaica) has not purchased an interest in the Du Boulay family share, nor has it acquired Du Boulay’s Coca Cola bottling plant. One of the directors of the Du Boulay Company told St. Lucia News Online today: “We have no intention to sell, that is totally out of the question.”

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  1. Y would du boulay want to sell the business that their mom an dad work so hardto build

  2. A joint venture with both companies with a 51% to 49% shareholding distribution means that the larger partner has the controlling interest which accounts for the 51%. As such this enables it to select the Board, which in turn selects senior management, which in turn hires the lower-level employees of the joint venture, generally using locals. The CARICOM professional certificate may not apply to the beverage industry.

    Our UWI-trained so-called media-trained columnists around the region are so dumb, they don’t know how, or just do not do any of the required homework. They are just happy to write crap.

  3. Happy to know it was yet AGAIN another lie they didn’t have to tell. 🙂

  4. Aren’t CPJ and Du Boulay’s Bottling two different companies

  5. Clearly some people need to learn to read properly…. DBC has 49 % in CPJ St. Lucia Ltd…

  6. I hope this is not true.

  7. “DBC is a wholly family-owned company with no outside shareholders or interests whatsoever.”


    “The Du Boulay family currently has a 49 per cent share, while the Caribbean Producers (Jamaica) Limited (CPJ) has 51 per cent share in the CPJ (Saint Lucia) Limited.”

    Am I the only one who finds this statement contadictory? Are we talking about two separate companies? From where I’m standing, the Jamaicans seem to be majority shareholders.

  8. How can it be wholly family owned where you own 49% and the Jamaican company owns 51% ? You do realize Sir that CPJ has more voting shares than you do right? You may not have sold it yet but you don’t wholly own it

  9. keep your culture!!

    And to that i am having a coke and a smile and shutting the hell up!!!

  10. lol jack ….. Dat wud b da dumest move 4 dem 2 do ….. I no d boss hv a gud brain ….. Du boulary needz 2 monitor their iner circle …..

  11. Cuz i was saying what is this??? Selling the plant for 2 mill?? Good to knw it ent true

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