DSH Project “naysayers” are not thinking about the poor and unemployed – PM

By SNO Staff

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PM Allen Chastanet asked:

PM Allen Chastanet asked: “Do they live in those people’s homes? What does it mean to be unemployed in this country and also to be poor?”

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet’s recent Facebook post and similar remarks at Sandals Grande last week, indicates he has no intention of slowing down in his quest to bring the much-talked about multi-billion dollar Desert Star Holdings Pearl of the Caribbean Project, to fruition in Vieux Fort.

Chastanet reiterated on his Facebook page on Saturday that the government intends to carry out full Environmental Impact Assessment studies and move ahead with the project.

He suggested that the persons who are opposed to the project are not considering the poor and unemployed.

“We intend to allow the public of Saint Lucia to digest this; to determine what they like and what they don’t like; to get the feedback from the south and the citizens of the south. To make sure that the plans that we have and the scale that we have is compatible with the capacity of Saint Lucia to be able to grow. Once we are satisfied that we have done those things we must make the decision to implement,” he wrote.

Several organisations have opposed various parts of the project, more so after Chastanet and DSH Chairman Teo Ah King signed Phase Two on Thursday at Sandals Grande, which proposes to build a causeway connecting the Maria Islands to the mainland.

The St. Lucia National Trust said it finds the proposal disturbing.

In an email circulating hours after the agreement, the Trust said: “The disturbing news is that in addition to destroying the ecological, environmental, historical, archaeological and social assets enshrined in Pointe Sable, the DSh plan includes a proposal to connect Maria Major and Maria Minor and building a causeway to the main land.”

However, Chastanet said: “There are always going to be the naysayers. The people who can only criticize but never sit back and ask about all the people who are suffering. Do they live in those people’s homes? What does it mean to be unemployed in this country and also to be poor? Shouldn’t that be the priority of what we are trying to do? Does politics have no boundaries?”

He continued: “You may not like every detail of it but what we are doing is putting a plan on the table of being able to move this country forward. It is okay to dream. It is okay to have a vision but singularly the most important aspect of success is implementation. So today we are here to announce that this what the dream is,” he said.

As expected Chastanet’s statement evoked mixed reaction.

Below are some of the (unedited) responses to his post.

Adela Frederick Mr. PM you have given us too many opportunities for constructive dialogue on this project. What you see happening is the result of some angry individuals who havent settled in their minds that there is a new government with new plans doing things differently. Say no more, do what you think is best for St Lucia. Move on, too many people need work in this country. Let’s hope the thinking of our people change. Bring on the project.”

Marcus Day I am sorry PM but I have a serious issue with long term decisions such as this being made with NO regard to sustainability. You seem to think this is our saviour. We need projects that put the most money in the most people’s pocket with the least amount of oppression. This proposal fails on all levels. We need livelihoods not menial jobs. Plus the track record of the PRC is they send people to build, no jobs there. This project is a desecration

Vernes Samuel I am unemployed and I for one would not want it to be so for long.Things will not happen overnight, Are going to teach our children that it’s not OK to dream and reach for the stars….Mr.PM the person I know you to be doesn’t do anything to fail

Noel Bacchus Saint Lucians if you don’t cooperate with the Government, how will the country move forward. This is the Government for all Saint Lucians. Get up and get. Some still blazing the PM, it’s the people have to come together. Let us see it happen now!!!! No hold back.

Pernill Joseph I AGREE WITH YOU MR PRIME MINISTER BUT at what cost are we going TAKE all or natural land makes and destroy them not because an investor says he want a place that means you have to approve it maria land and pigeon island should be off the table you’re put the dolphins Soufriere put the wind turbines in dennery and the and we need a solar farm vieux fort or chrosiuel are are good areas

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  1. concerned foreign citizen

    Give the PM a break. After every event on the beach you lot leave it filthy, dirt and we all worry about heritage and the environment. Oh boy


  3. Try something new

    Let us look at the facts. Tourist do not spend on the island, only the resorts benefit from them. Yes a small percentage of the work force are Lucian. But the majority of the islanders do not have the benefit from this.
    Rather focus on an industry to will grow and develop the work force and give skills that we do not have to import.
    Factories would be a great investment. Our Tertiary institutes can offer training for these and we can become more financial independent as exports increase.
    How difficult would it be for us to manufacture car batteries and certain car parts, generators, Glassware, optic frames, hearing aids, walking frames and many other items that will always be needed.

  4. It is a proven fact that the Chinese grow and import most of their goods and work force. I wonder what percentage of their earnings will be distributed locally? If it walks and quacks like a duck, then it is one. Let us read all the fine prints. Let us not be blinded by an illusion of a massive project. Let us negotiate for protection of our eco system, transparency of project, higher percentage of local employment as supposed to Chinese, satisfactory pay .

  5. How much personal investment does the PM and his family have in DSH? Where is transparency?

  6. Everybody talking blah blah but no one is acting .....the PM doesn't hear he doesn't want to listen. ..young ppl stand up for ur rights and ur country...... we make the government. .they're their to represent us....let us act actions speak louder than words

  7. Allan you're are wrong for St.Lucia!!!

  8. concerned citizen

    Mr.Prime Minister if you are so concerned about the people being unemployed and living in poverty, tell me again why did you stop the NICE program ? Don't you know that was a means to an end for some persons ?
    Tell me also why did you not permit the Texan investor to acquire more land to bring the windminding project into fruition. A project that these same POOR people you are crying for would benefit directly from. I would like to believe that you really care about the less fortunate people of this country, but your actions speak otherwise.

  9. The Chinese are setting up their base. Almost free land for a life time. They will not live amongst us but will segregate themselves from the masses. The so called citizens will look after their own interest, while we the underpaid locals will do all their domestic work and all the money earned will very likely return to them through gambling. Slavery all over again. When the freed slaves were paid working the plantations the money earned went right back to the owners. They were given credit mostly for rum drinking and were always credited to the owners which obliged them to work under harsh conditions to pay off their debt. The poor man stands to be the loser. Gambling is very addictive and will become a way of life for quite a few.

  10. What's wrong with some people? I don't think they are so concern about heritage most of them are party hacks. How many times does the prime minister have to show what the project entails. He have said over and over that it will not be in anyway or form be harmful heritage sites. Mr prime minister am encouraging you to be bold and courageous and go ahead with project.

    • I cannot trust what this man says. He said before that all Sandy Beach would get would be toilet facilities. I was fine with that. It was a great idea. Now all of a sudden I'm hearing about him signing a deal which consists of building hotels and joining Maria Islet(s) to the main land. That's lying to the people. If there was any bit of hope that the people could really support him and this DSH betise, it has been lost. I can't stand him. He lies too much and when he gets caught, he lies some more. Too many damn lies. Just say what the hell you're going to do. You're going to sell freakin Vieux Fort for nothing, so that you could make millions on the head of us Vieux fortians. To all those who think that hotel employees make good money, think again. They are over worked and under paid

  11. If the majority is saying no then doesn't it mean "no?" I guess you forget 2021 is not to far away.

  12. Unlike Chastanet we are thinking of our future. We know many countries take advantage of our
    desperate politicians who dont give two hoots about the country they serve except their time in office to take and take some more. We care about our sons and our daughters that are not as fortunate as yours money-wise. We care about bobol in our land. we care that lack of ethics and integrity inside both political parties are damaging the present and future of this nation. We care that a 99 year lease has been given to a business enterprise. Since when any country give a business who dont even know if they will be around for the next year far less one hundred years control over their land for 99 years? Who agreed to such madness? How can such a contract be entered into by a business enterprise. I will say this; we need a new crop of leaders for this country and the current crop on either side cannot and will not do the job this country needs to move forward. Offcourse we want development! But development cannot come at any and every price. And if it does, we will continue contributing too our under-development. We demand to know the terms of this agreement and we demand that you change it. or face the courts.

  13. Mr Prime minister, are you telling us that you know what it is to be poor and feel the way that poor people do. Please do not use those psychological means to play with our emotions. How is this deal to our people's advantage when most of the equipment, people and materials are coming from an outside source. Why did you not negotiate on behalf of the thousands of St lucian contractors to secure jobs in the construction of this project. What about the local hardware stores getting to make money off the deal..in order for st lucia's GDP to grow, we need to put more money in the hands of households, re establish an export product and create long lasting jobs without opening our country to foreign establishments which intends to drain our resources and take the profits back to their country. Our people need to wake up and demand long term solutions from the administration with regards to this project.

  14. Chastenet you have no heart and do not care one shit about the poor. Cut your crap. You are a liar. All you care about is you and your family. Now f&[email protected] off

  15. mr pm take your project n put it in your own constituency n liv me n my family homes alone...

  16. There are two things that we have to consider here. The first is that we cannot allow Chastanet to run the Government as a business, because Government and business are completely different entities. And don't forget that, with all their CEO's and profitable corporate structures, businesses can fail. The second, perhaps more important point is that: if we truly do not want the DSH project in its present form , and if the Government will not initiate a change in the status quo, then we have to do everything legally possible to stop the project from taking off. If we allow the project to become a reality exactly as the developer and the Government want, then we will never be able to undo it in the future.. In any event, the damage will have been done. Suppose they build the causeway to Maria Islands, and suppose we kick the Flambeaus out of office as punishment for their shortsightedness, will be ask the incoming g Government to excavate the causeway? So let us do what we have to do now, before it is too late.

    • This is the most troubling situation that our country have had to face. This PM has shown time and time again that he is not in the best interest of us citizens, all ways taking a page out of American politics to the extent that he portrays himself as a bully when addressed by citizens who voice their concerns. Compare his attitude to that of the American president. ..any alarms went off yet..

  17. Start with Praslin Bay if you want a new hotel complex. It has been derelict for quite a while. By all means develop the South and bring much needed employment - but within the parameters of what makes St Lucia special and that means leaving the Maria Islands and Sandy beach alone for all to enjoy…..

  18. Mr..PM I want you to ask the dsh investors would destroy they historical site for money.....smh

  19. Unemployed like the staff of the TOURIST BOARD WHO WERE ruthlessly dismissed with the promise of being rehired or the soon to be unemployed people of the NICE program...
    You have alot of heart Mr. CHASTENET.... Typical politician..thought u were different...


  21. All of you hacks can say what you all want. This is what Vfortian need because we have nothing. Thanks to Kenny. Don't touch the Islet I agree. Everything else is in order. Why should I next move be to advocate for the non killing of dolphins. The beausejour land was devalued by the action of the SLP administration nor for them it is productive land.
    As a VFortian, I wonder what would be said by these Castries hack if these projects were for Castries. The few Vfortians against the project would say that the Government is doing nothing for Vfort.

  22. Mr Marcus Day you seem so opportunistic. It was so insulting to see you and a bunch of SLP surrogates in VFort, 2 Sundays ago, coming to organize "Vision 2030 For Vfort". Are you all implying that Vfortians are not capable of their Vision for it community. Is it ever be possible that Vieux Fortians going to Castries to propose or plan a vision 2030 for Castries? Where were you all guys when we had a MP who was also PM, Minister of Finance and Planning? When some thing could have been done easily for the Vfort people, where there is over 70% youth unemployment. Where were you all when we were oppressed by Kenny Anthony and his regime? I personally felt offended seeing guys like you and Clauzel coming and tell us what we want in VFort. You were there only because of prestige. Face Value but don't worth shit. That is what you all do to Vfortian, endorsed by a group of SLP business personals whose business does not flourish if it not for tax payers money.This nonsense do not work in this day and age. Your intention, in my view, is to continue oppressing the poor people of VFort Dr. Kenny Anthony has denied. A community where over 50% of of its people are not empowered. I guarantee by the grace of God, that if your intention is malice, you will pay for it.

    From Vieux Fort - The Pearl of the Caribbean.

  23. Mr PM are you trying to tell me that because as you see it we have the poor and jobless a monster us that we should accept s**t for peanut butter that we should accept?
    The DSH deal as it is isn't acceptable, it stinks, and it do not taste of peanut butter, Mr PM it is shit as it is right now. We are asking you to represent us better, we are asking you to have more respect for the people of St. Lucia. We are asking you to stop and think and to hear what the people is saying. This deal as it is, is not for St. Lucians.

  24. Scale back those high rises give us more lower rises in different constituencies and give us 150acres from the project area. Ask DSH to give us a plan specially for ST LUCIA. They have just transported from other projects to us.
    You Love us,St Lucia....respect what made you love it. Development yes....Causeway to Maria major and minor...NO NO NO NO NO NO. Sir John would not endanger the endemic species at any cost.

  25. What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?
    Cage the dolphins.
    Build a road to Maria Island.
    Backfill Mankote Mangrove.
    Only until we loose EVERYTHING will we find out that money cannot be eaten.

  26. R U Sooo for the POOR?!

    You know what hurts me, it is the fact that the Administrative building (ONE - 1 building) was stopped! Thereafter, the entire southern tip of the island wants to be or is going to be sold?! Hmmm...question is whether Bruceville residents will be allowed to remain near this multi trillion dollar project? Yes persons need employment, I'm all for that but to take this HUGE risk I don't think is the BEST idea and it appears to be, that Mr.P.M (a.k.a Mini Trump) will press on like this has been on his agenda for more than a decade. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer... #mytake #mytwocents #whovexvex

  27. This man don't have a clue. You have taken the island and placed it in the hands of dsh for them to do whatever they feel like. How can you tell me you can give these guys the go ahead to include maria island in the building plans....are you mad or do you just don't care about the country's cultural heritage? Does it no mean anything to you? The islands don't have to be part of ther project and if dsh and chastens can't see the cultural and scientific significance of the islands the don't have he best interest of the county at heart.

  28. We should take heed of what happen to Haiti
    They destroyed all their natural resources
    And ended up with land which can't sustained itself.
    This is madness
    What our dear PM is proposing
    Pure Madness!!!

    I voted for this administration for change and progress for the betterment of this nation but not to see our beloved natural historical parts destroyed all in the name of progress

    • What natural resource was destroyed in Haiti? Last I knew was that they cut all their trees to make coals as a form of revenue. That is not what made them poor. Poverty had them to destroy their natural resource. Now it is causing destruction (natural) to the country. However you are right. We need to take heed of what happen to Haiti. Kenny has oppressed the VFort people having them to depend on him for handout (NICE, STEP) whiles his hack become millionaires. Have you ever thought of an oppressed family comprising of the parents and 6 children, depending on a government for handout all their life? What will become of the 6 children. The oppressed will multiply from the 2 parents (sometimes one) to the 6 children who will each have 6 oppressed children themselves, depending on handout. This is where the Haiti will develop in St Lucia. Empowerment do not necessarily comes with education (having a paper). It comes with responsibility and ownership. Going to the Bank to pay a loan is a responsibility. Its empowering. Not depending on handouts.

      • In case you did not know the natural resources of Haiti include bauxite, copper, calcium carbonate, gold, silver, marble and hydro power. What put them in this mess is their payment, in gold, for freedom from France. Since then they have been exploited by different countries and their internal politics has not helped. The impact of joining Pegion Island to the mainland impacted marine life. Ask anyone old enough to remember! Progress, at what expense? High rise buildings, racing track ect! Who will benefit most? What jobs would be available? What type of jobs? The Chinese usually bring a very large work force. As far as I have read the master developer has minimal risk if any. Doesn't that sound ludicrous to you all. We as Saint lucians should stop with the colours! BS is BS! Not because I disagree with something makes me UWP or SLP!

  29. He is advocating for the POOR. The same poor he sent home by the droves when he cut STEP, NICE and even all the people from tourist board he sent home. He's just a hypocrite.

  30. Look who's talking about the unemployed and poor people.... That PM does talk some real shit...u gonna throw ppl out of their jobs, throw ppl off land they have lived on for years....consultant here...DSH there.... Contract for updating your social media accounts...Trotting the globe like you on a cruise....and the list goes on and on .....By the time chasnet is finished with st.Lucia...nobody will be smiling and nou tout kai pere...

  31. Mr prI'm minister I don't think we need to destroy or naural heritage at the expense of these projects come with other ideas like factories for all the citrus and fruits going to waste

  32. Only in St. Lucia

    They need work and are hungry ? Is this why you could put a known drug dealer, con artiste and criminal, who is on bail, on the lottery board? Is he being trained for Chinese opportunity ? Is he from the same community as Guy Joseph? Will he be employed as a con-tractor in training with the Chinese when they send down their criminals to build VF? St. Lucians asked for a better way of life not a better Cons...#Anti Corruption Act 2017.


    • All I See, I agree. How heartless and cynical it is for him to pretend the rape of the land is to benefit the poor! It is breathtakingly phony.

  34. I think the PM is trying to run St.Lucia like a private business corporation and this is dangerous. Acceptable risk for a private business corporate and that for a Government is totally different. The fact is when a business corporation collaspes as a result of wreck less decisions another one will take its place but when St. Lucia collaspes from these ill-planned, uncertain and misplaced projects there will be no other St. Lucia to take its place. Any project implementation that destroys and decapitates the environmental in the name of employment will be unable to sustain that same employment it was supposed to create and sustain. There are already examples in St.Lucia and all over the world.

  35. The is a gross generalization by our PM, some people are just concerned that we are getting taken advantage of. Also some of our natural heritage sites are being threaten so people can have legitimate concerns about the project and still care about the poor and unemployed.


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