Drunk man attacks, attempts to rape 93-y-o woman

Drunk man attacks, attempts to rape 93-y-o woman

Highest-Rape-Crime-in-Ethiopia-horzA man is reported to have attacked his 93-y-o aunt in an apparent rape attempt in Desruisseaux early last week.

The incident, which occur during a spate of rapes in St. Lucia, occurred after the man reportedly became intoxicated.

The elderly woman was able to fight off the man when he made sexual advances towards her.

The nephew, believed to be in his fifties, lived nearby and had visited the woman’s home when the incident occured.


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  1. St.Lucia is facing a serious crime crisis! The criminals don,t seem to care. They just continue committing their their acts. When will it end? Everyone is at the mercy of those criminals, especially the elderly and children who are vulnerable. We have become prisoners in our own land. SOMETHING HAS GOT TO BE DONE!


  2. When you think it cannot get any worse in this country, something else hits you. Just amazing this long slide to degeneracy.


  3. St Lucia government needs to do something about this sick behaviors of these SON OF A BITCHES!!!! IM SICK TO MY STOMACH.


  4. You so drunk, is sex you want. you did not think of going to sleep or going and jump in the sea. That should be my grandmother, the police would not get you before me. Wicked, dirty bastard.


    • Too much alcohol can impair a person's mind and judgement and cause them to commit any crime. Take for instance, a person can drink and be reckless enough to crash their vehicle killing themselves in the process, so how much consideration would you think that they would have for the life of another under these circumstances? A person is not naturally a criminal, they are influenced by some psychological aspect to commit crime. However, voluntary intoxication is not a defense to any crime.


  5. The Bible has warned us about these act, these things will continue to increase, they will continue people of St Lucia, no matter how careful we think we are. In no way or form should we accept it, but he said look up to him for our redemption draweth nigh.


  6. Grap this useless man. Take a funnel and pour 2 litres of cheap rum into his mouth and he will sleep forever.


  7. These people have mental issues and need to make Christ part of their life. You mean to tell me, u have been seeing your aunt all your life, respecting her as a member of your family and because u intoxicated your perception of her has changed that u looking to rape her.

    That's our problem, we don't put our problems to God for answers. We are too consumed with things of the world, with ourselves. We are too selfish, always looking out for number one.

    Thank God the lady was able to push him off. I pray that she is not traumatized and this haunts her for the rest of her life. May God continue to be with her.

    And I hope this man looks to changing his life for the better and stop resorting to alcohol for resolve.


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