Driving instructors protest shortage of examiners; ministry plans to increase weekly tests

Driving instructors protest shortage of examiners; ministry plans to increase weekly tests
A driving instructor's vehicle blocks the main entrance to the ministry responsible for hiring examiners.
A driving instructor’s vehicle blocks the main entrance to the ministry responsible for hiring examiners.

Some 20 driving school instructors staged a protest this morning in front the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport in Union over a shortage of driving examiners.

One of the instructor’s vehicle was parked on the main road leading to the ministry’s office. One of the instructors told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that the vehicle “could have broken down during a three-point turn exercise or could it be a protest action due to the insufficient number of driving examiners”.

Other instructors parked their vehicles in a long line outside the ministry’s offices.

A source from the ministry told SNO on condition of anonymity that given the current economic downturn and the government’s hiring-freeze stance, there is nothing much can be done at this time.

He said once the examiner on sick leave is back to work, a “greater effort” will be made to clear the backlog by increasing the number of tests done per week.

The shortage of practical driving test examiners have resulted in a backlog. It is reported that some students have been waiting for up to three months to do their driving tests.

The transport ministry currently employs two examiners for the north of the island and one for the south. However, an increase in the demand for driving tests and with one of the examiners being on sick leave, has compounded the problem.



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  1. oye some of them examiners coming and give you exams and vex from morning so even before you do it, just their look and you know you fail already, that's crap the students did not get you ll vex so what shit is that, come and do exam on a level field and failing people for none sense just one mistake and you fail, none sense, and youll that are friends with the instructors failing people and the examiner now getting a cut from youll when youll make people stay in school longer, robbery thats shaiteee


    • ur opinion is based on ignorance jus like any other st lucian. do research and find facts before u jus go accusing people. persons think that the examiner or the ministry has a part to play in people running their business , no they dont.. some instructor teach the wrong things to get the student to stay longer, they go as far as having persons on the road with no permits till they r ready for the teroy test. the examiners dont agree majority of times with the way students r taught or treated. so dont come judging them when u dont know fork


  2. first of all..some of the driving takes up person to complete driving and do not have the time to provide the teaching so u find that some students are kept so long awaitng exams. there are various procedures to everything and some driving school instructors do not ad here to those terms. They are so accustom to the nom of the previous crooked persons. So when things dont go their way , they get defensive. Where there is an understanding there is a way..no matter how hard the situation is


  3. I think that the protest was justified and now that the media was involved seeing how serious the problem is now and how frustrated the instructors and students are due to the lack of driving examiners will hopefully have the ministry see the need to hire another examiner..If not permanent but on a contract basis..c ' on infrastructure it's the 21st century..One examiner for some many schools..Pierre n lenita wake up deal with the damn problem!!


  4. It can't be beyond the relevant people to get the necessary processes to ensure a reasonable turnaround in tests.

    Maybe bigger fines for driving without a licence and using that to pay for additional help?


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