BREAKING NEWS: Driver of bus involved in accident with ambulance dies

BREAKING NEWS: Driver of bus involved in accident with ambulance dies

unnamed-7The driver of a Manees Bakery bus injured in yesterday’s accident at Morgan Bay has succumbed to his injuries.

The driver, identified as Andrew Cherubin, died while undergoing treatment a short while ago at the hospital.

The accident occurred as an ambulance was transporting a patient to Castries with two firemen aboard.


The ambulance ended up in bushes on the side of the road after the accident.

Cherubin is from a Ravine Macock, Monchy address.



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  1. Sometimes we hear the siren but dnt know wat direction its coming from,till when it appears or approaches us


  2. The crash scene investigators haven'tyet released their report, and it is all to easy to speculate based on one media article and some heresay on the street. Let the investigators do their work before there is te very tempting rush to analyze based on a very week fact base.

    Roles, judgement, and compliance with both traffic conditions as well as the traffic conditions at the time has not been released re: the police ananlysis. Responsibilities have not yet been assigned, nor has the contribution of a mechanical or human error.

    There is no doubt thee will be lessons to be learned.

    Ciivilian drivers face challenges on our roads. Our first responders, who selflessly put their lives on the line daily for the rest of us, also do.

    As for comments made about first responders seemingly to the rest of us using their siren and light avionics to clear traffic and then seemingly turn it off later, that is, in most cases normal.

    Sometimes a call is subsequently made that there is not a need for a Code 1 or full response, the situation might not be urgent based on receipt of further information by the station and dispatch, or another unit is closer and is now clear to respond while the original forst responder vehicle returns to base for the next emergency call that inevitably will come.

    I am making no judgements. it remains both imperative and justly fair to all involved that the next steps be based on consideration of a firm fact base.

    For information, and not taking sides, below are a couple of ambulance dash cam videos to give you a sense of the efforts and risks our first responders manage daily to get us, our friends, and our families to hospital.

    Also, regarding the comment about saving two minutes on an emerg run, yes, in the event of a heart attack or stroke, it can make a diference between life or eating the rest of your meals through a straw, despite how well equipped the latest current generation, (very well equipped for primary care) Ford F-series ambulance involved in the crash was.

    A true tragedy. Our thoughts should now be with the victim. There be time enough for learning in the following days and weeks.


    • So disrespect,but sometimes the emergency vehicles hv no emergency they just believe they uphold the law.once I saw a ambulance overtaking on the vigie stretch heading into town,driving on the inner lane going bk to gro islet,turning the four way into 3 lanes going to me that day I said the driver must hv been drunk,bcz he almost got cuz many accidents that day.not bcuz ull hv emergency vehicles to believe urll can overtake anywhere any how.once I had to run of the road bcz a police vehicle overtook a vehicle in a blind corner.road laws should apply to all road users as far as I see and know.when ur wrong u wrong.I respect our emergency vehicles,and personnel,but they need to b more careful.thank u


  3. All road user should use due care and diligence, including emergency vehicles. This is part of their training some time these emergency operates like due care and diligence on the road do not apply to them. What sense does it make to risk your life, the patience and others just to reach at VH 1 to 2 minutes faster .When at VH there is no sense of emergency, it is always business as usual. I try my best to stay out of the way of Government drivers, emergency as well as none emergency they seem to have very little respect for other road users .


    • You seem to be quite impressively informed on the nuances of the driving habits of government employees in government vehicles, compared to non-government employees. You obviously have extensive driving experience being able to make such a carefully thought through observation. I do applaud you, we should all be as sage as you, Hunter.

      I do hope that you will share with simplistic, balanced and powerful observation with our government so that necessary changes can be made.


  4. As in every aspect of life you will find stupidity at all levels, bus drivers has the worst reputation on the roads But I WILL NEVER PAINT ALL BUS DRIVERS AS RECKLESS .I see Ambulances drive through traffic lights without giving a dam about due care and diligence .sometimes you hear the siren without knowing from what direction these wheels of death are coming from only to realize that they are right in front of you or right behind you . These ambulance drivers would pause their siren then you don't hear them thinking that they may have gone another route, and all a sudden you would hear a blast of siren as if to scare or frighten drivers.there are certain parts of the road there is no where to go to give these wheels of death room to past . What sense does it make to cause some one to loose their life when you are on a mission to help save lives .


    • Hunter, you observed, "sometimes you hear the siren without knowing from what direction these wheels of death are coming from only to realize that they are right in front of you or right behind you "

      You might have missed the part about being a civilian driver and hearing sirens, and also you might have missed the part about sound echo'ing.

      If a driver hears a siren and do not have a visual on t nor know where it is coming from, the legal onus is on the driver, nevermind simply doing the right thing for their safety and others, is to slow down and "listen and look".

      Unfortunately, there is not yet room in the budget to address your difficulty and have a customized siren that says "Hunter, we are aproaching from the east as you can hear, but you can't see us yet."

      Getting back to the higher operational level, the existing system has been proven to work for decades, litterally worldwide. St. Lucia is no different.

      A general rule of thumb --- "Stop, Look, Listen."

      In this particular occurrence, there is not yet a public fact base.

      *That said*, it behooves all of us, both civilian and first responder, to be aware of our obligations.

      If you'd like to realize your obligations as a licensed driver, please find respectably attacheed the link to the SLU Driver's manual:

      Good luck.


  5. Whilst we are on the subject of emergency drivers, I would like to ask this question. Since when transporting prisoners to court became an emergency? Putting people's lives at risk during the morning rush hour.


  6. Very sad for everyone involved! Sad, sad situation. The people should respect the ambulance siren and the ambulance should pause when approaching intersections and heavy traffic. Sometimes it's difficult to pull over right away if it's only 2 lanes and busy. My heart goes out to the family... RIP!


  7. I believe st.lucian drivers do comply and give way whenever siren is herd. However the window to react and give way safely is somtimes small especially if the emmergency vehicle is approaching head on. I think drivers of emmergency vehicles need to take note of this.


    • lucians don t give a RASS with emmergencey vehicles thats a fact. they practically race with them , am a bus driver and i can attest to that amen.


      • Garbage! a bus driver of all persons wants to talk garbage .Like he is from Barbados commenting about St. Lucian drivers.


  8. Oh boy!!!!! It's just unfortunate someone had to die. May he rest in perfect peace with his God. Now on the other side of the coin. The drivers of these emergency vehicles sometimes they over do it. There are times they heading back to base and have their siren on, why...because they don' want to stay in traffic and that includes the Police. Having other driver to put their lives in danger. Sometime ago on my way to the north an ambulance pass me with its siren on in Marisule and only to find out the driver and his colleagues stop in Bois D'Orange opposite Galaxy Gas Station to To bye something apparently to drink and eat....Now that is abuse of authority. In Saturday's case I am not sure what really happen, what cause the accident, who right or wrong but we should drive for each other..talking about Driving for each other I had to turn off a woman on Saturday evening heading south bound opposite Sandals Halycon about 7:00 pm she suddenly stop, did' even put on her hazards and only to see the idiot on the phone. People come on. You endanger lives when you do these stupidness on the road.


    • I have seen that very thing from those "emergency" vehicles. The only emergency is their own business.

      Most St. Lucian drivers are idiots plain and simple. They have no concept of right of way, yield etc. This is why we have those traffic jams every day. People on the highway always have right of way. You don't yield. You stop to let one person in out of courtesy, but show no courtesy to the 50 waiting drivers behind you. Now imagine that compounded over the dozens of intersections along the highway and you understand why a trip that should take 15 minutes takes an hour. After you overtake on the dual carriage way, you go back to the left lane to allow others to overtake. Don't get me started on bus drivers.


    • An emergency vehicle is not suppose to be held back in traffic whether it is going to or returning from an emergency. it is suppose to be in a state of readiness at all the matter of fact it suppose to return to base just as timely as it went to emergency. the issue here is that we all drivers have to try to practice better manners on the road. there are drivers who follow the ambulance whilst heading to hospital which is very dangerous. there are drivers who insist they not giving the emergency vehicle space because they believe is not no emergency it going on. we have to change our mentality. it may as well be one of your family members on the ambulance at the time u never know. so motorists lets start practicing better driving ethics to save more lives. condolences to the family of Mr. Cherubin and also we need to give support to the emergency personnel involved also. they may not have sustained life threatening injuries but think about if you were involved in an accident which took someone elses life. can u imagine wat that ambulance driver is goin through right now. am sure he has a family of his own and would never purposely endanger anyone else on the road. so lets be more empathetic towards everyone involved in this tragedy.


  9. No emergency lane for a 4lane road that cost millions we not building for the future but for the pass


  10. St.Lucian drive to wild and park in bad places. They have no respect fpr anyone once they get where they going they don't care whois life they may have endangered. Tke your time drive carefully. To many dam accidents and deaths....


  11. Stop being on you'll phones while driving. Then you'll will hear the sirens and safely pull over. You'll drive toooooo much for you'll selves like is you alone that's on the road...


  12. This is d alternate sacrifice d bakery driver made delivering daily bread and loosing his life in the process of earnings a daily bread woow rest in peace my brother


  13. i have always learnt in driving you the driver you pull up in a safe place when u hear the siren dont just pull up anywhere


  14. The ambulance must see that all is clear before it can make its way through. The ambulance must also give the other vehicles time to pull out of the way.


  15. The ER vehicles must also drive cautiously. They must also adhere to the traffic rules and must be given special training. However, there is an expectation that other drivers must cooperate, by giving way to such vehicle, but ER vehicles drivers must be extremely cautious as well. I am not passing any judgement here.


  16. The ambulance driver has to give other drivers time to react. The abuse of these emergency vehicles sirens have people taking them for granted. I have seen them escorting the governor general, I have seen police officer with lights flashing, only to enter a bar on the weekend. All this slackness has to be stopped. How do they expect people to take them seriously? That does not give anyone the right to ignore the sirens, but these issues has to be looked at by the people in charge, because peoples' lives are being put in danger.


  17. Ok 3 lanes well marked. How can all u make an accident unless somebody was in the wrong lane. SMH. The law gives ambulances the right go over the speed limit not drive in the opposing lane. Those in the ambulance lane are supposed to pull of the road as soon as their hear an ambulance siren. Ok I suspect there is no space to pull off heading to Castries to pull off but that still does not give the ambulance the right to be in the opposite lane. However, safe and defensive driving tells the other driver heading north to expect the ambulance in his lane and to slow down and gv ambulance space. After all there is an extra lane northbound. But we always in a rush. SMH. Now if ambulance is proven to hv wrong it does not take away the pain of the Mannees bakery driver after all. When we drivers lane. Speed limit signs are on the roads up north.


  18. The ambulance expects ppl to give way. And all the time up and down making noise. In Canada its illegal to leave the sirian on and drive. It's considered noise pollution.
    Seriously why must cricket players and government ministers and police and Dane perlett have Sirian noises to get by.


    • where did you get this from? I live in Canada and have NEVER heard that and have come across many emergency vehicles driving with lights and please WHERE DID YOU GET THIS FROMM??