Driver crashes car after a night out at Pigeon Island lime

By SNO Staff

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(SNO) – A young man escaped serious injuries after his motor car overturned near Dierre Fort, Castries while on his way home on Sunday morning, July 29, according to information obtained by our newsroom.

The accident occurred around 7:30 a.m.

The driver, who was the lone occupant of the car, had earlier attended the Live N Colour event on Pigeon Island and was on his way home when he allegedly fell asleep at the wheel and the vehicle went turtle, a source told our newsroom.

Reports are that today (July 29) is actually his birthday.

Luckily he escaped unhurt.

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  1. St.lucian need to adopted the designated driver policy

  2. I suspect in a land of over 180,000 people and over 60,000 vehicles and countless bad roads you don't expect at least one to overturn after a fun filled weekend. Thats just the price we have to pay. Thank goodness he escaped injury. We have to be more thankful for life than for the preservation of vanity.

  3. Concernedcitizen

    They don't listen ......rum not juice

  4. When you don't want a driver, that what happens. Alcohol and lack of sleep don't mix.

    • Concernedcitizen

      Because u were there. So u know what transpired....hoyon

    • Docdell because your bomb kaka ass was there to know that he did not want a driver right?

    • Docdell because your bomb kaka ass was there to know that he did not want a driver right?😒

    • All of you want a bone? You’re acting like what Docdell said is such a lie. Stop being disingenuous, because all of you know it’s the truth. It’s not a muhfuckin lie. So stfu. Try and find something to do with your time rather than insulting someone you DON’T know. Go for Docdell, you come at me TOO!

  5. Happy, er- make that Lucky Birthday, young man!


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