Driver charged in dangerous driving causing medical student’s death fined $10,000

Driver charged in dangerous driving causing medical student’s death fined $10,000
Omotayo Olaogun Morrison
Omotayo Olaogun Morrison
Omotayo Olaogun Morrison

Nearly three years after Caleb Antoine of Cedar Heights, Vieux Fort, St. Lucia, fatally struck Omotayo Morrison with a Subaru Legacy car he was driving, he has been sentenced by Justice Georgis Taylor-Alexander on the count of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving to a fine of $10,000 EC to be paid within 6 months and in default to serve a 1 year sentence.

The fine is to be paid to the Treasury and none of the proceeds go to the victim.

A Canadian, Morrison (fondly called “Tayo”) was a third Trimester student at Spartan Health Sciences University and was walking off the pitch surface of St Jude Road Highway in the residential neighbourhood of Hewanorra Orchard in Vieux Fort with a school mate, Maninder Kaur, around 4:00 am on February 8th, 2014, when a Subaru Legacy driven by Antoine flew off its lane, bounced off the retaining wall of the opposite lane and struck the two students.

The impact threw Morrison108 feet and Kaur 79 feet. Morrison sustained severe head injuries and damage to his brain stem, succumbing to his injuries at 8:05 pm the same day, according to autopsy report.

Kaur was hospitalized for injuries sustained to her neck, head and shoulders, and was released some days later. Antoine informed the police that he was coming from a bar where he had some alcoholic beverage to drink.


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  1. First and foremost was any of you there at the accident? NO! Caleb was not drunk and had not drank anything proven by hospital blood tests. He tried to save this man by using his army medic training until the ambulance arrived. He then stayed on the scene and dealt with police etc. He cooperated fully. The only reason this has come about is because he pushed for a plea deal so Ommotayo's family could put it to rest and not have the stress of court. None of you know what happened that awful night but yet you all jump on here and make up lies?! Really people.. None of you know the ins and outs so don't make judgement. And to the person making accusations of another accident ?! Really learn your facts and stop spreading lies..


  2. As a victim of a similar fate myself i umderstand first hand how having someone take away that way never leave you. I know there are people with opinions on both sides of this. No doubt the family of the young man who so carelessly took the life of this promissing young doctor feels releived. And they may have no idea what level of pain has been inflicted on the grieving family. At this point I wish not to call for taking the law into our own hands. On that not I call on the law makers to ensure that laws are enacted to ensure that justice is served.
    People it is time to stop all this blatant disrespect for life on our roads and streets.


  3. This young man was in an accident some years aback where one of his friends died and he was the one driving the vehicle but because he had no licence they all said that the dead friend was driving. They were all drunk. This boy will never learn. I hope the next time he gets behind a steering wheel drunk, he kills his self instead of someone else. Come to think of it the investigating officers were his friends


  4. RIDICULOUS!! this drunk will go on to kill again but, this next time the victims blood will be on the judge's hands.. However I take comfort in the fact that there is a higher judge who will pass judgement. on the learned judge, who I am sure will be made to pay dearly. a life was lost because some idiot decided to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while being under the influence and that is all that is done to him. I think a life lost in this circumstance requires a much harsher penalty. Sleep well Your honour, the judge upstairs is watching.



  5. It's all good that someone can come out with such confidence to quickly explain our out dated laws .
    But this brings very little comfort to the love ones of the victim.
    I saw the accused on tv last week walking out of court saying something then he had this smile on his face as if to say don't worry I got this.
    Does what he did even bother him? Does he even care with the fact that his irresponsible actions has actually cost someone there life? .
    Does it even bother him that he never had the chance to look the victim in the eye and say sorry and really mean it?. Today he is a free man with a 10,000.00 find...and a free ride home to enjoy his stew pork, sorryl , fruit cake and most likely more rum for Christmas while the victim is 6 under and a family in total shock at the out come and a Christmas fill with grief.
    Wow just wow!!.


  6. WOW! Was the delaying of the sentence the reason for such sentence. Was it a change of heart by the judge? Was there an offer?


  7. so nothing for the family of the person who died???? wow . and this is justice??? hmmmm things never change.


    • i'm just wondering how Justice GTA would feel if the young man was his son and the driver would get a sentence like this....


  8. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! 1 year and a $10,000 fine for being a fool on the road and taking someone's life?! Unbelievable.


    • $10,000.00 or one year in prison. This country sucks and people will start dishing out their own justice.


    • Let God's judgement rein. You go free in court, let us see if he will be able to sleep for the rest of his life.


  9. . Criminal Courts
    In a civil suit, one party (the plaintiff) who feels they were harmed brings a complaint against another party (the defendant). Sometimes the government is one of the parties. The government (the plaintiff) brings suit against (prosecutes) a person who they believe has broken the law (the defendant).
    Reasonable doubt is not required. A "preponderance of evidence" is enough in most cases. The guilt of the defendant must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.
    The plaintiff can either ask for monetary relief, or equitable relief
    Monetary relief is when the plaintiff asks for a cash award to remedy the situation.
    Equitable relief is when the plaintiff asks for the court to order the other party to do or not to do something.
    If the defendant is convicted, he or she may have to serve time in jail or pay a fine.


    • I suppose now right if the family wants the can bring a charge against the driver especially since he has admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol. Not making a statement just asking and seeking clarification.


    • The aggrieved party can only lodge a civil suit and not any criminal proceedings. Any further criminal proceeding can only be in the form of an appeal against this $10,000 fine (saying its too low), and is only the state who can commence these proceedings.

      The Civil Suit can be lodged by the family for compensation and not for punishment (claiming that their offspring lost his life by the negligence of the defendant). An equitable solution in this case cannot be a prison sentence unless if the defendant chooses not to pay if judgement is against him. It must be made clear that a judge in a Civil matter cannot subscribe a prison sentence. A person doesn't necessarily have to break any law for a civil action to be taken against them but it must be recognized as a civil wrong.