Dredging issue not seriously affecting operations of southern Marine Unit: official

By Kingsley Emmanuel

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The jetty where the vessel is usually anchored.

(SNO) — The shallowness of the sea in the area where the Southern Branch of the Marine Unit of the Royal St. Lucia Police Force is located in Vieux-Fort, has resulted in the branch operating without a vessel for the past six months.

The vessel is now temporarily assigned to Castries.

The excavator, which for some time now has been dredging the area where the vessel is usually anchored, broke down a few weeks ago.

However, according to the officers attached to the southern branch, it appears that the dredging is not quite working.

This reporter understands that whenever the excavator removes a portion of sand from one area, more sand immediately fills the same area.

When contacted for a comment on the situation, Marine Police Commander, Finley Leonce, said: “The matter is being addressed…..”

He said he expects the situation to return to normal in the short term and that the problem is not seriously affecting their general operations.

And while an attempt is being made to address the problem, the officers say that their workload in the south has been significantly reduced.

Currently, there are 10 officers attached to the unit in Vieux-Fort.

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  1. Any little boy will tell you that when you dig a hole in the sand by the beach near the water's edge, you can onl dig so deep because the sides of the hole will continuosly cave in,making the hole larger and larger while you maintain the same depth. who is the engineer attempting the impossible feat of using an excavato to do what a dredge should be used for. I saw the operation going om and thought that somebody was mining sand.


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