Dr. Raymond’s resignation “in the best interest” of the country

Dr. Raymond’s resignation “in the best interest” of the country
Dr. Raymond
Dr. Raymond

Statement by Prime Minister Honourable Allen Michael Chastanet on the resignation of Dr. Ubaldus Raymond:

“I have accepted the resignation of the Minister with responsibility for the Public Service, Hon. Dr. Ubaldus Raymond, with immediate effect. This decision was taken in the best interest of all parties and the country.

“Dr. Raymond has served our country well and in several capacities including Leader of Government Business in the Senate, and previously as the Minister in the Ministry of Finance. I thank him and his family for his years of service to our nation.

“The acceptance of the resignation of Dr. Raymond in no way affects the ongoing investigations. The Government remains committed to bringing closure to this matter.”


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  1. I am no sex therapist, however, having middle age men confine in me that when their wives reach menopause not only do their sexual relationship deteriorate or come to a halt but their wives become incarnated into Brides of Christ making the church pivotal in their lives. That they(men) lose both(wives) bodies and sous. These men blamed that menopausal phase in their marriage as the point when they looked outside the marriage for sexual gratification. I am not finding excuses for male infidelity nor am I blaming wives for their husbanding straying. I want to know what services are there to help couples to deal with sexual problems before personal, private matters impinge on their public persona. “The Government remains committed to bringing closure to this matter”, if this is a conviction, then there needs to be a health care service that goes beyond just tackling diseases.


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  3. I really dont care about this guy. That was a great call by the government. people like him and many SLP members have done this and worst and under Kenny they would have gotten away scott free. You cannot be calling random women to discuss government business and send dik pks to little girls. they should have kicked him out from then on. When u use your position for saloptay, you should be able to lose it.


  4. For me it was never a morality issue with his actions. We all have vices, and politicians are said to have some of the most disgusting, but who cares in this world we are living. It was more about him in his position being a target because of his vices and how it would affect him in his capacity to carry out his duties. The first incident you had, allegedly, young girls trying to blackmail him for a certain amount of money. Kudos to him for not giving in but he should have resigned then because the situation was too vivid, in that it showed that he could not manage his private affairs without they affecting his duties. The powers that be saw it differently and kept him on. Second time, it would seem that someone saw the first incident and knew his vulnerability and pounced on it. This time with even more serious implications. If we are to believe what we heard from the tapes that were played, they were inferring that he was being set up with the intent to compromise or control his decisions as a minister by using his vices/indiscretions against him. That for me was the line in the Sand to get rid of this guy. Just imagine what the third time would be. That's if we would even hear about it.


  5. Look at the damn smirk on his face, the man has no remorse and there thinking about his next victim.
    I hope his docile wife wise up and seek help for herself and kids and let Anthony Weiner go run Hugh Hefner's bunny range, sometimes it's not about power prestige nor money, I know I have lived it and had to leave it all behind, not only for me but for our daughter, it was hard and the public humiliation and embarrassment was too much to bear, eventually with prayers, talking to older ladies in my community and counseling, I was able to move forward with my head held high, went back to school got my MA , raised our daughter who is away in Medical school, it's one day at a time, believe me I kept forgiving and making sick lying excuses for his nasty behavior, until I had to faced myself and think and was sick and tired of being sick and tired of his nasty behavior, I walked away for my daughter, so that she would not have low self esteem and know this is not how men are supposed to behave, and that she should not accept this from any man.


  6. “Dr. Raymond has served our country well. " Just how stupid/ how blind does the Prime Minister think we are? How can any St. Lucian parent support/tolerate this disgusting corruption and its enablers? Raymond is a unreconstructed flasher: specialty: young girls. This episode is FILTHY. And it is supported on the highest political level?


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