Dr. Poyotte resigns as CUT general secretary

Dr. Poyotte resigns as CUT general secretary
Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte
Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte
Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte

Former educator Dr. Virginia Albert-Poyotte has officially resigned as General Secretary of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT) following several calls to do so by members.

St. Lucia News Online (SNO) has received reports that the former Saint Lucia Teachers’ Union (SLTU) president tendered her resignation on Friday following a three-day executive meeting held in St. Kitts.

This move comes weeks after two unions from the CUT demanded that the Saint Lucia-born executive resign her post, over several issues, mainly due to “conflict of interest”.

SNO understands that Dr. Poyotte took it upon herself to resign after the issue was brought up for discussion at the recent meeting and supported by several other unions.

The Antigua and Barbuda Union of Teachers (A&BUT) had written the CUT expressing its disappointment with the fact that Dr. Poyotte held dual roles as a CUT executive and a government employee.

The A&BUT believes that there was a deliberate attempt to conceal information that Dr. Poyotte was a serving member of the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) of St. Lucia.

The union also raised concerns over Dr. Poyotte’s appointment as a full-time employee of Education International and resigning from the teaching service of St. Lucia.

The A&BUT said she should not have accepted the nomination for the post of general secretary of the CUT at the 2013 biennial conference in Guyana, nor the last biennial held August of this year.

The Bahamas Union of Teachers (BUT) had also raised similar concerns, stating that they would like to see the issue addressed at the soonest possible time.

Reports suggests that the current Deputy General Secretary Leah St. Helen-Phulgence should be the acting General Secretary until a new person is elected to that position.

SNO was unable to reach Dr. Poyotte for a comment. She is due to return to the island shortly.


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  1. I have followed the whole story about my resignation as General Secretary of the CUT and this has taught me a big lesson in education and to understand the people I worked with for decades. I cannot believe that the people who are to train the next generation could be so dishonest in their motive and misleading the media and the general audience of social media.
    Some persons in the leadership of A&BUT have been on a witch-hunt of Virginia since 1991. This has not stopped me from promoting quality education in the Caribbean and gender equality in education.

    Some persons subscribe to the democratic process but when it does not work in their favor they will go all out to destroy a whole mall to get at an ant. Ask the majority of the members of the CUT member units and they will tell you why a few union leaders are so angry and anything they feel are in their way including Virginia Albert Poyotte who took them by the hand and fed them and now they have grow to eat her raw. I remain proud of over twenty teachers unions in the Caribbean which felt very proud of me and I have the records to prove it.
    The whole truth will be told for the whole world to see. I have been in the CUT from 1981 and the history will be written to expose the dishonest union leaders who have been holding their unions hostage.
    The revolution which will transform the Caribbean Union of Teachers has just began and remember it was started by Dr. Virginia Albert Poyotte who did her doctoral research on building the capacity of teachers' unions in the Caribbean.
    I want my union leaders to know that persons who earn a doctoral degree are usually humble, reflective and respectful. Not a show off and boastful person. Take note and remember the whole story will be out soon.


  2. Let us take note that it was the CUT Executive, not Dr Poyotte, who would have, on two occasions, elected her to the post of general secretary. That speaks to her value to the organization.

    It could be helpful to note as well that the post does not come with a salary.


  3. This woman may have scare off the hell of these caribbean teachers. No disrespect but mama, E led wee


  4. When one builds an empire mainly on lies it should be expected that the truth can at some instance bring it crashing down.


    • Massive victory for Lydon Lewis
      Lewis easily defeated former President of the Grenada Union of Teachers (GUT), Marvin Andall in elections held Monday to reign supreme.“That’s the spirit, this is the life that I have brought to the Union” exclaimed Lewis who, copped 1092 votes outnumbering Andall who amassed a total of 661 votes.
      So of course you know about empires crashing


  5. The vengeful are calling for more blood. What more do you all want? She resigned gracefully without a fight.


  6. Bravo you did the right thing , but you should not have allowed the the A&BUT to call for
    your resignation, you should have done that long ago


  7. My goodness that's how she looking now? Must be stress from being too greedy. Guess she would not have resigned on her own volition but was forced out by no nonsense union representatives..not Saint Lucia's! I wonder if the president of the CUT, a fellow disaster, was part of the cover up or did he squeal on her?


  8. Typical labour attitude. Remember her during the strike under UWP? Fight for RIGHT while she always had the WRONG in her heart. You do not trust these people.


  9. Ahh I hope she repays any salaries earned in the organization during her alleged deliberate deceit. Vohleh.


  10. At least she did the right thing as opposed to Mary Isaac who keep the civil servant union hostage before she resigned.This is what someone with a conscience does. Bravo Virginia.


    • Her conscience, or the pressure from outside St.Lucia promoted her to resign? Which one?
      Someone with a conscience would not have placed themselves in that situation in the first place given the conflict of interest.
      Her move appears to be move of more a reactive stance as a result of the concerns raised, not something she initiated on her own based on her moral compass.


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