Dr. Morgan Dalphinis lectures

Dr. Morgan Dalphinis lectures

(PRESS RELEASE) – The Msgr. Patrick Anthony Folk Research Centre (FRC) and the Archeological and Historical (A&H) Society will be hosting a discussion on cultural connections between Africa and St. Lucia and the cultural significance of the Kwéyòl Language with Dr. Morgan Dalphinis at the Central Library on Thursday November 23rd from 6:30 pm.

Dr. Morgan Dalphinis is the author of books and articles including: ’Caribbean & African Languages: Social History, Language, Literature and Education’ (Karia Press,) ‘Language, Blacks and Gypsies: Languages Without a Written Tradition and Their Role in Education’ by Morgan Dalphinis & T A Acton and a collection of his verse titled ‘For those who will come after.’

Dr. Dalphinis was born in St. Lucia and migrated to England at the age of 11. From his schooldays he had been fascinated by different languages, especially Caribbean and African languages, including his native Kwéyòl.

He has taught at a number of schools in London and lectured in Nigeria. He has presented many papers at international conferences on Creole languages and published a number of poems in Kwéyòl and English.


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  1. What has this man got to offer us in St Lucia and the Caribbean? All he does is to regurgitate the same rhetoric every year.He is an ancient dinosaur who keeps repeating the same fiddle-faddle. He needs to change his tune. People are sick and tired of listening to the same bunk every time. This man was not around when all this His-Tory was unfolding. He was not even an idea when all that he is talking about transpired. How does he know for certain that the hogwash that he is feeding people took place in the manner that he is describing it?

    No one knows for certain what actually took place during the past 500 years. St Lucia and the Caribbean had a way of life long before the slave ships came to our shores. The Caribbean had a life before slavery and will continue to have a life as long as humanity is around. We have too many people like this self-appointed historian whose job it is to keep us mired in our painful past. No one wants to be reminded of the past. We need to put the past behind us and to move forward. St Lucia needs people with ideas about job creation and economic sustainability. Our people need jobs, healthcare and social programs to feed their families not crap from the past.

    We knew slavery took place and it was brutal but we also don't want to be reminded of it. This man went to England at a portable age and I expect him to come back with something positive and productive to offer to the people of St Lucia. What has he learned in the UK? What purpose will his lectures on past injustice serve us? I have had the privilege of listening to a few of his lectures and to be honest he bores me to death with his ancient blather. Why doesn't he make a meaningful contribution towards the development of our splendid island with something in the line of economics or science? The world has moved on from slavery. We are no longer slaves. How can we free ourselves from mental slavery when we have people like MD reminding us about it?

    We don't need MD and his cohorts lecturing us about what we already know. Tell us something that we don't already know. He should use his contacts to help set up a school where core subjects like Science and technology are taught - not twaddle from the past. The folks in London are beginning to get fed up with his humbug already. He keeps giving the same lecture every year at the West Indian Cultural center in North London.St Lucia needs technocrats and businessmen like our current prime minister who can help bring back economic stability to its shore, not a middle age professor whose actions is still mired in the past. The world has moved on and so should MD.If You can't offer us a future don't rattle on about our past.We are sick of hearing about the past.This man needs to move on and so should we as a people.


    • Well said Deefay.You have written for a lot of people like me who would like to move on from our past. We do not need people to keep reminding us of our past. We need to stay focus and to be positive at all times. Let us learn from the Japanese who went through so much and despite all what they went through they did not let that keep them down - Instead, they went back to the drawing boards and came back with ideas which have made them a leading industrial nation.Why do we keep producing people who have little to offer in our development? We need doctors, scientists, engineers, nurses and businessmen/women who will help to create businesses which will provide jobs for our people.
      We don't want people to keep reminding us about the evils of slavery. Slavery was abominable and we know that. We should also be taught about our history before the slave ships came to our shores. There were people living in our islands before this foreigner and his three ships came to our islands - I am of course referring to Christopher Columbus. After spending all this time in England I expected this professor to come back with something constructive to offer our people. But it looks like he has nothing to offer us expect repeated lectures from the past. This man expects us to listen to his crap which he himself most probably does take any notice of. Come with ideas for job creation, universal healthcare, and programs to keep our people in a state of euphoria.Until then I would urge you to keep your lectures somewhere where the sun doesn't shine.


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