Dr. Kenny Anthony’s death rumours are false, says SLP

By SNO Staff


Former Prime Minister Dr. Kenny D. Anthony is alive and well.

The Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP), in a Facebook statement posted this afternoon, said it “wishes to state that the rumors surrounding the death of Former Prime Minister Dr Kenny D Anthony are false and should be disregarded”.

St. Lucia News Online and other media outlets began receiving numerous inquiries about the former SLP leader’s death this morning.

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  1. Good why you all hate kenny so bad we all have a father and kids.what you asking to happen to kenny, it will come back to your kids. It only take low life bitches uneducated ass like you all to say that.god is listening. Chastant is an embarrassing for the country.fool no life.

  2. What does he have to say to the Hatians ,they are asking for him.

  3. concerned foreign citizen

    Sometimes we are looking for attention with false news. I guess Ray C is not doing a good. Jokers

  4. Fake news, it's all fake news, let's be honest. And, it is obviously written very poorly by those that whose aptitude at writing is limited to mis-spelled graffiti which is probably their day-job. They must be sen for what they truly are --- stupid errand boys send by pathetic grocery clerks to spread false information Truly sad.
    Dr. Anthony is both very alive and very well. He is in New York City on a speaking engagement and has been both statesman-like in demeanor as a former Prime Minister and a genial, surprisingly telegenic person with the local media and Caribbean ex-pats.

    It is very interesting how the plainly dishonest that swim in the soft yellow underbelly that is their moral Utopian swamp seem to conveniently ignore the latest allegedly take-a-guess related postings of e-mail exchanges and more photographs that have recently been supposedly made accessible on several user groups.

    St, Lucians are smart people, really smart people. We know fake news when we see it. And we also see when the search for the truth is masked by the smoke screen unrelated and disruptivly annoying yap-yap of invented, malicious rumors. Time to focus on finding the truth in some very serious matters before our country.

    Read everything with a very careful eye, fake news surrounds us where we least expect it.

    • I see quite a few of you are now regurgitating Chester Cheeto's bull****.

      How very, very sad.

      • It is abundantly clear that this story about Dr. Anthony is a desperate ploy by unauthorized UWP wanna-be's trying to curry favour by attempting to change the channel on the unwanted attention that the party is receiving on matters such as DSH and Ubaldus.

        Unfortunately, the SLP does the same thing by using the media to issue "Press Releases" that are nothing more than an attempt to get free publicity and market penetration rather than getting out there into the streets and engaging directly with St. Lucians.

        The parties also share a repulsive proclivity towards greed and selfishness.

  5. Your father never had an effect on you either. Stfu. All those who asking for kenny to die I hope yall die 10,000 times, 10,000 ways. Go suck a Nast dick.

  6. It doesn't matter how wicked or good one was or has been to spread false statements or even being glad that one has past.We all have to die and Kenny is living life until God is ready to take him in his own time.why on earth would one ask for one's death? Poor us to ask for sorrow to meet one's door.Jesus my saviour I pray that you lead us ,all of us ,even the one's faking another one's death to calls us in your own time and hour cos we all have to go one day. ??Safe journey Dr.Kenny

  7. Dr. Anthony will live longer. The old folks say when you call someone's death prematurely they will live longer. I wish PM Anthony all the very best for the future. I wish him good health and happiness. May he remain in Total wellness always.
    Good Luck Comrade Anthony!!!! You have served your country well. You are a beacon of hope to many.Forward Ever Backward Never!!!!

  8. The person(s) spreading the rumors seems to be afraid of something....

  9. When I heard the news, my first thought was that it was a rumor. However, I though it was possible that he could have gotten a heart attack because of the jobs that we in VFort could not get from him and now we will be getting it under PM Chastanet. E- Paire. He need doctors monitoring because the surrogates he have sent to VFort to try to stop this project will be taken care of. We will deal with them accordingly. NB -Not a threat.

  10. I do not want Dr Kenny Anthony to die yet. I want him to feel the punishment of his wickedness, he alone know in his heart, that he has done to this country and its people. This punishment will allow him time to seek forgiveness and repentance. (Repentance : To change your live this may include given back what you have taken wrongfully).

  11. Legendary former prime minister and labour leader is alive n well...Ha ha ha ha yo pair, Ka Ka dlow kie pwean yo..Ah know a lot of you r happy at hearing this false news but a lot u including the one behind it all will go long before him but i hope u confess before u die because d devil must come out in you...Long live KDA.. Toof man

    • I hope he is not the one behind it in order to hear exactly what you are saying. Kicked out twice. Even after he won 14-3.

  12. A few days ago it was buju now KDA, last year it was a number of star's all proving to b untrue..The person or persons responsible doh worry when your day come i wonder who's going to announce it? On d other hand we need to show respect for our past leaders because service to country is not an easy job. Why all this nasty comments about d man? I must say only in st Lucia people behaving so arrogantly let by gun's be by gun's lol. But chastnet will never step into KDA's shoes not even in a dream..

    • Why would Chastnet want to step in Kenny"s shoes??? St. Lucian's voted him out!! why would he want to be like him....use your brain sucker!

  13. You all want KDA dead? Well note God will decide on this and there is a saying that what u Doh want to see in your front room is what you'll c in mummies bedroom..

  14. I was asked that question about 2pm. I told the person I do not know. I never asked any other person because I do not care if Dr Anthony is DEAD or ALIVE" I really do not care. If he is alive, good for him. If he is really dead, I hope he did asked for forgiveness during his last breath. We all have to die including Kenny. He had no effect on my life as a Youth.

  15. Now that is playing with fire. Twice during his last term occupying the PM position threats were made on the man's life. At no time did Chastanet or members of the UWP distanced themselves from these threats. In fact Chastanet said he understood why the caller to the radio call in program said what said in relation to the life of KDA. At the time I said it was not a responsible position to take. And now this! Some will argue that Chastanet with all intent and purposes side with criminality. Well he now has an opportunity to put things right......put the minds of St Lucians at ease about his understanding of the criminal leanings of some otherwise the appearance of siding with crime will bit him in the rear.

  16. Lawyer lier tiff

    Kenny anthony in cuba with Tupac and Michael Jackson. I saw dem with my own 2 eyes. I even hear he tell Tupac to go up for Castries east against king.

  17. I know many of you who have regrets for putting the country in a stand still and confusing state knows that Kenny and company is the only one to push us forward again. you guys are afraid and wish his death but hell no God still loves St Lucia and will keep him there to see the fall of UWP.

  18. I know many of you who have regrets for putting the country in a stand still and confusing state knows that Kenny and company is the only one to push us forward again. you guys are afraid and wish his death but hell no God still loves St Lucia and will keep him there to see the fall of UWP.

  19. Be careful what we wish onto others, because it might just come true for you.

  20. Of course kDa is dead.the labour hacks trynna raise him from the dead

    • I agree . The man is dead. Politically. He says nothing he sees nothing and does nothing. The man never cared about St Lucian

  21. May u rest in perfect peace doc.

  22. Poor jab Lucian's they always start rumours.... URL asking for the man death...

  23. What the he'll is wrong with some people. Now they starting the same stupid rumors that are spread about the stars about Dr Anthony. Smh some people needs to get a life

  24. But he so quiet, out of it and irrelevant they might as well say he is "DEAD" = Did Enough A Destruction.


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