Dr. Kenny Anthony wary of low voter turnout

Dr. Kenny Anthony wary of low voter turnout
Dr, Kenny Anthony

Below is a statement posted by former St Lucia Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony on his Facebook page on Sunday,  Sept. 6.

The electoral results of recent elections in our region are undoubtedly interesting and have elicited their fair share of commentary. In almost every case, there has been a reduced voter turnout.

Of course, the fears of COVID have had a lot to do with voter turn out. Some have also rightly cited voter disenchantment, cynicism and apathy. In Jamaica, the voter turnout was estimated at 37% of registered voters.

A win is a win, I guess. But no Government should ever be comfortable governing a country having secured a mandate based on a voter turnout of 37% of the electorate, no matter what the majority may have been in individual constituencies. This really goes to the heart of the legitimacy of the Government.


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