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Dr. Kenny Anthony blasts gov’t for “outrageous” treatment to cattle farmers


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Dr. Kenny D. Anthony

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, says that the treatment meted out to cattle farmers in his constituency to make way for the DSH Project is illegal, outrageous and totally unacceptable.

According to Dr. Anthony, the contractor who was engaged, apparently by the Government of Saint Lucia, to carry out road works ostensibly for re-directing traffic, destroyed without notice, lawful authority or consultation part of the fence which protected their cattle from roaming on nearby roads and the airport perimeter. The contractor also destroyed a pond from which the animals secured drinking water. As a result of these actions, some of the animals roamed freely causing damage to nearby property.

To date, the Government of Saint Lucia or for that matter, the previous owner of the land in question, Invest Saint Lucia, has had no discussion with the farmers about their fate. These farmers have occupied the land for several years. A few years ago, the former SLP administration actually financed the construction of part of the fence to contain the cattle of the farmers. The farmers are, therefore, legal occupiers of the land.

According to Dr. Anthony, “Prime Minister Chastanet has no regard for the people of Vieux Fort in his bid to grant Teo Ah King uncontrolled access to the lands in Vieux Fort. They do not even have the decency to have a meeting with the farmers to explain the implications of Teo Ah King’s plans for them. They are now being stripped of all rights and human dignity. The lives of the residents of the Vieux Fort community cannot be destroyed with such impunity and callousness by the agents of the Prime Minister and Teo Ah King without being challenged. The actions of the Government and contractor are arbitrary, unlawful and in pursuit of an agreement that is manifestly illegal, unconstitutional, and not in the public interest of Vieux Fort and Saint Lucia. These farmers have a legal right to occupy the lands, and the protection of the law. And I will certainly see to it that their rights and livelihoods are protected in accordance with the rule of law.”


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  1. You are an accident of a ONS. Don't we all know what happens on a one night stand? No child support.


  2. Kenny's cows run on two legs.


  3. Sans honte.


  4. The farmers are legal occupiers of the land. You're a lawyer. So why not take it on? I guess you are waiting for the blind brigade (without even secondary schooling) to take it on.

    Good plan. Send the "ignorant" out first.




  6. Can anyone tell who is more believable? Is it KENNY or TONY


  7. Kenny, there has bever been any question as to your high level of intelligence.

    As former PM, like all PM's, you had your strengths and weaknesses, and perhaps were not cut out for the snake-pit that the world of politics can sometimes, most unfortunately be.

    You had a chance for a number of years.

    Your government lost the last election in which a notable majority voted for change. The people have spoken.

    Take ownership of that, and perhaps consider doing what many former heads of state do --- that is, working in a bi-partisan manner of those areas you excelled in and move more into the role of an wise elder statesman who transcends the daily yap-yap of petty politics.

    God Bless.


  8. all of a sudden Kenny Anthony is concerned about Vieux Fort and the people of Vieux Fort and the cattle of Vieux Fort. oh please, what did you do for the 15 years plus you representing Vieux Fort??? boy only blind and deaf people will listen to this guy called Kenny and believe anything that comes out of his mouth.
    Bateez !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Kenny, you got us into this. It is your duty to get us out. DSH is just a subset of CIP.


  10. Ooh Papa


  11. I hope I don't run into none of those cows on that stretch before the gap to Grace. Hitting a cow is like hitting a boulder no street lights on top of it.


  12. Haha no body taking mate on.


  13. all politics aside......... the farmers should be shown some dignity and consulted with.


  14. Did you have a meeting with St Lucia when you sold our seabed to Grynberg? You did not even have the dignity to take it to parliament. PM Chastanet will not just do for VFortians, he will undo all the nastiness you did to VFortians. Hater.


    • yes uh same thing for Juffali and no body knew til they exposed him


    • Boo hoo hoo who cares only me. You are the only one still crying over the sea bed, as if anything was found down there. it will remain barren long after you have died. The only hater is you for harboring your grudge for Helen Air and been kick out from his circle like God did to Stan from the heavens and been blacklisted for years. The man would not even give you the time of day even if it's on his death bed and that's killing you. Go and lay on certified professional coach and cry a river you should have done that years ago before your spiral out of control metal health reach this stage.


  15. Public interest? Is just an opinion. Just like like a backside, everyone has a right to one or has one.


  16. Isn't that the same land you wanted to sell/lease to Robert Ainworth to build a pharmaceutical factory? Isn't that the same cattle owners who once were thriving under the UWP before 1997 when eggnog was produced and milk was boxed at Beausejour but under your administration it was taken away from them. Please Mr One Eye Man, we are not blind.


  17. so whats the difference with you kenny when you were in power the way you treated the chicken farmer in micoud that had the pen near the school Huhh? the guy was willing to move but you signed something making police go there and mash up all the man goods killing endless of his poultry farm and yall will say yall for farmers and for agriculture to grow and you let the police do the man that.


  18. Please sshhhhh. When will it stop. The two faced words




    • the cows and jackasses (slp) are the only animals Kenny cares about. go back to sleep Kenny. you keep giving everyone nightmares


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