Dr. Gale Rigobert congratulates centenarian Joseph Hippolyte

Dr. Gale Rigobert congratulates centenarian Joseph Hippolyte
Joseph H. Hippolyte

PRESS RELEASE – Micoud North Parliamentary Representative Dr. Gale Rigobert joined the wider Micoud community as they celebrated the 100th birthday of Joseph Hugh Hensley Hippolyte on July 3, 2014.

Hippolyte is affectionately known as “Fwè Die” in the community of Malgretoute, Micoud.

Thursday was a special day for the small community of Malgretoute, Micoud as they along with the Micoud North MP marked this historic occasion.

Hippolyte who was born in Malgretoute on July 3, 1914 and is the father of 21 children, 15 of who are alive today. He began his early years of gainful employment at the nearby “Fond de Vou” (now known as Escap) and Dorbay Yan plantations for a daily wage of 12 cents per day. His daily remuneration was increased to 25 cents at the birth of his first child at the age of 19 years.

Fwè Die got married at the age of 30 to his late wife Albertha Hippolyte who died in January 2012 at the age of 93.

During his active years, Hippolyte was a member of the various community cultural and religious groups such as Malgretoute Mothers and Fathers Group, Holy Name Society, La Rose Group and the Sesanne’s Descartes Group. Quadrille was his passion and he was rated as one of the best exponents of that art form.

Hipployte has been blind for more than seven years now; nonetheless he is still capable of doing quite a bit for himself. He still retains a fairly vivid memory of the past and is fond of relating stories from his earlier years.

He currently resides with his daughter and three grandchildren in the community of Malgretoute.

Fwè Die is a jovial and prayerful man whose determination and humility have earned him a life of success and the enviable milestone of attaining 100 years with the love and care of his family, the community of Malgretoute, Micoud and the blessings of God.

As is customary, the community and family commemorated this milestone achievement with the usual fanfare. A service was held in his honour on Thursday, July 3 at Malgretoute with Fr. Francis Michel as chief celebrant.

The service was immediately followed by a reception in the Malgretoute area.


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  1. This is not the place and time for this Ausbert we are thanking God for my grand father's milestone not politics save it for a different forum please. Long live Pap


  2. What's the secret of his longevity? Please ask him and let readers know. I'm sure some of us don't mind reaching there. Why do you thinks some people call it the "good old age", enh?


    • This is called branding, Dr. Rigobert. Smart political move. All wrapped up in its cocoon of lies, deceit and mendacious behaviour, SLP has been caught napping.


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