Dr. Anthony urges government to address plight of Vieux Fort fishers

Dr. Anthony urges government to address plight of Vieux Fort fishers
Kenny Anthony
Dr. Anthony

(PRESS RELEASE) — Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, has called on the minister for the fishing sector, Hon. Ezechiel Joseph, to address the plight of the fishers of Vieux Fort following the closure of the Fish Marketing Corporation.

According to Dr. Anthony, “It would appear that no thought was given to the continuing need of fishers for ice to undertake their fishing operations when the Government closed down the operations of the Fish Marketing Corporation.

“Normally, this is the high season to catch pelagic species of fish, namely, dolphin, kingfish, and tuna. The peak month is March. Fishers require ice daily for their bait as well as ice when they return to land, to protect their catches. No provision was made for the supply of ice to the fishers. Already, the catches for this season have been low and further disruption will undoubtedly impact the supply of fish to the local market.”

Dr. Anthony added: “The treatment meted out to the fishers of Vieux Fort is both unacceptable and unconscionable. Fishers are as important as other stakeholders in the economy and they must be treated fairly and with respect. I trust the Minister will heed my advice and resolve this problem without any further delay.”


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  1. If I was kenny , I'd never make a statement like this.
    I would keep that thought to myself.
    Cause smh


  2. Your comments are out of place and i wouldn't encourage you to dehumanize people from any area in St. Lucia. We are all St. Lucians. However, my argument is that Kenny has been the Rep for Vieux Fort from 1997 (31 years) and Prime Minister for 15 years which means that he could have given his constituency a much better cushion and means for economic viability. This is where we have to criticize and highlight the shortcomings of politicians. Vieux Fortians no use defending him or you would be doing yourself a great disservice, mindful that you already have in electing him consistently.


    • Same logic be apply to the Micoud constituency as well can't it? The rep comments are not out of place his just voicing concerns for his constituents.Just because you don't favour the man don't discredit the message


  3. Just last night I had a conversation with a fisherman about this same thing. I told him that they need to stop relying on government for anything especially this government they are not for the poor they need to organise centralized and do their own thing Chastanet Economics excludes you.


  4. Keep talking crap it's almost been three years what has happen to vueix fort ? Except stopping of the NIC Govt administrative building and the diverting of a road for horses?


  5. The Vieux-Fort you so love and serve is the cess pool of St.Lucia. Please step aside and let a real man do his job,when he is done with Vieux-Fort it will be the envy of the Caribbean thank you.


    • Empty vessels make the most noise. Some people boast of degrees. But they are degrees of failure. It is palpably clear to those who can see. Very stark is the failure to produce anything beneficial, to no other people but themselves, and their self-interests.

      Small-minded people belong to the dung heap of the past. They should play no part in our future.


    • Pa chou. Y'all only seeing one side to everything political!!! I swear yall lucians eh


      • V fort is a complete dump and hell hole. Should be bulldozed into the ocean asap. choop.


    • SLP's housing policy is to create hell holes and ghettos. Poster child and case in point is the SLP's galvanize and plywood housing project, BRUCEVILLE.


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