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Dr. Anthony lashes out at Fedee, says the tourism minister has no respect

By SNO Staff

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Dr. Kenny Anthony (left) and Dominic Fedee

(SNO) — Vieux Fort South MP and former Prime Minister, Dr. Kenny Anthony, has come out swinging against Dominic Fedee, saying he has no time for the tourism minister.

Last Friday, Fedee accused the main Opposition Saint Lucia Labour Party of duplicity in the multi-billion-dollar Desert Star Holding (DSH) Pearl of the Caribbean project in Vieux Fort.

Responding on MBC television’s morning creole talk show Zafe Nous, Dr. Anthony said he has no time for a person like Fedee.

He describes the minister as a man with no respect and who does not have the mind to speak for himself.

“He repeats what other people tell him to repeat,” the former prime minister said in creole. “I don’t have the habit of answering him.”

The DSH matter is presently before the courts in a constitutional motion filed by Dr. Anthony, and he said he prefers to remain silent on it.

“You are not supposed to hold discussions on the case itself…” he stated. “You can talk and give information about the case but to hold discussion on the principles of the laws commanding the case, you are not supposed to do so.”

Dr. Anthony had a challenge for Fedee.

“If Fedee thinks he has so many points, all he can do is put all these points he made, he announced, in what we call an affidavit and put it in the case,” he remarked. “That is to say, the attorney general, who has to respond to the case, can use Fedee as a witness … I would be happy if he does that, very happy, because that is where we are going to see directly what is straight and what is not straight.”

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  1. I politicians please stop insulting each other and come together to try and solve the crime rate in St.Lucia. citizens think about your country and what is happening to St.Lucia we are loosing our young people day after day who will be the next leader if this trend continues.?.

  2. Kenny at least you can go on a creole show and speak your native tongue some of them representing the people and they cant speak their native tongue the shame of it they nervous Kenny all the tractors rusting just

  3. This slave plantation relic is back at it again calling for respect. Massa day done already. These colonial dinosaurs only have relevance in the backwoods and countryside where the hoodwinked still stand at attention or cow down to people of mixed race from the our colonial past. Go to hell with that.

  4. Kenny Anthony is the worst thing to ever happen to St. Lucia. Such a divisive, selfish bastard who does not care about St. Lucia nor St. Lucians

  5. Fedee is the same shit that came of my dog ass this morning

  6. anonymous comments ... do you not have the conviction of your beliefs or are u a coward lol

  7. The only reason D.S.H is in court is to stop all works on for now. Not because it's a corrupt or flawed project but because the selfish and wicked man that Kenny is knows full well that if the project get off the ground it would mean that his party would end up with egg on their faces for doing nothing to help V-Fort for all the time that they have been in power. The marina, cruise ship home port, the airport new terminal, the marina, the hotels and the horse racing track will always be here for people to use and come to which will enable the Lucian economy and the lives of everyone down south including the lives of the people of V-Fort and that what he's afraid of. Kenny is the master of division, selfishness, power hungry and most importantly secret deals. We all forgetting about all the secret deals he has done before and we only found out about after he has lost the elections and the new government has brought them to light.

    • People born and raised on a backward farm can never convince anybody that they have any ideas about developing a modern country. When Peter the Great of Russia wanted to develop Russia, he traveled in disguise throughout Europe and brought the ideas he gained back home with him. When our country bucks have traveled to only as far as Guyana and Communist Cuba for cultural exchanges, they return as retards.

  8. 11/09/2018
    The Lord is really moving right now but this is a Holly spirit overhaul, he is repositioning, this Holy spirit overhaul in your mind soul and body is starting to manifest. He is positioning your for more and is going to bring radical circumstance for prosperity shall come to your land. Devine quantum leaps are upon you and many have been feeling it coming and doors are beginning to open up, a new morning and a new day is upon you. The are new assignments that the Lord has been handing out, he is birthing this beautiful new assignment and strategies, as the winds blew the people of GOD were being downloaded into his spirit. The people of GOD were moving with great anointing, new doors are opening and know that you are in his bootcamp. You will carry the insight to carry out his mantle, I can make even your enemies to give you favor, I have no desire to take from you. Be sur you are not holding back your own progress, your faith and trust grows with every opportunity, it is time to forsake walking with your hands behind your back, is my creation evil or did I all it good.
    Stop and think for a moment, I know what someone’s potential is as I call many but few are willing to go, one day you will see the blue print of what I created you to be, I will be your rear guard. Embrace the freedom that I have set your feet upon, soon you will be in a moment of bliss, I have the keys to your favor. This process will bring you better understanding of me to me. I created your heart, keep the faith and see what I will do next, many are dealing with major life issues at the moment, you must walk by faith and not by sight, are you looking for purpose or just getting by, if you ask for little you will only get little. I bless greatly, even the pagan.
    You are mine and called of me, my light will go before you and I will deal with those opposed to you, a heart given to me is mine and this I keep, I am not mocked, many will call me Lord and have nothing to do with me. Let me give you what I have for you, many will see the gift that I give to you and will turn to me because of you. You placed your life in my hand and you are called to my Kingdom and you will say, I have arrived.
    The birds are singing to me this day, many will wonder where you received this wisdom, trust and believe and my wonders of the world are fashioned in this time. Wander not about aimlessly, hold fast to my truths and you will walk un-scaved in this time. I am doing a work in your heart and if you would yield to me you would be free and success in all you do. My dear children search your heart for darkness which draws the enemy to you.
    Watch, just as turn the eyes of all nations upon America, for now my hand will move over her land, I will deal violently with the wicked in the land. Watch as my spirit of moves with my wrath and fury, I sit in the Heavens and they say let us rebuild the “temple of Baal”, in the twinkling of n eye, in this season you shall see wave after wave to destroy the land. Lift up your eyes and do not despair, fear not for I will never leave nor forsake the righteous, the righteous shall cry-out that these are the days of Elijah. My two witnesses are here already, I have told you over and over and some of my people think that it will be Moses and Elijah.

  9. land of my captivity

    fedee was put there by butch stewart .. his slave master .. kenny was probably referring to him, repeating what was told to say by mr. butch .. one of the chiefest edomites in the caribbean ....

    • Mr Fedee doesn't gives a rat azz about what you or Kenny say get over it he is the Minister of Tourism. The SLP and it's divisiveness needs to go away once and for all.


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