Dr. Anthony calls on Guy Joseph to explain cost of St. Jude site preparation works

Dr. Anthony calls on Guy Joseph to explain cost of St. Jude site preparation works
Dr. Anthony (left) and Guy Joseph
Dr. Anthony (left) and Guy Joseph

(PRESS RELEASE) — Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr. Kenny D. Anthony, has called on the Minister for Economic Development Guy Joseph to disclose and explain the cost incurred in site preparation works for the so-called new wing of the St. Jude Hospital.

According to Dr Anthony: “I am advised that the site preparation works for the proposed new building on the St Jude Hospital site cost the government of Saint Lucia just over $9 million. If true, this is incomprehensible and mind-boggling.

“It must be borne in mind that this cost is solely for site preparation. It does not include the cost of the construction of the foundation of the building, which from all indications will be a steel frame supported by prefabricated concrete panels.

“How is it possible that merely removing the existing soil which incidentally was on firm ground and replacing it with backfill on such a small site could cost $9 million dollars?”

Dr Anthony added: “I believe that the minister should make public the Bill of Quantities which estimated the cost alleged to have been incurred. My attention has also been drawn to an original estimate which had indicated that site preparation would cost only $3 million. In fact, I am advised that the original drawing for the site plan had to be re-done since the costing was well beyond the initial envelope.”

The Vieux Fort South parliamentary representative said that it remains a tragedy that the current government did not complete the existing hospital. Its actions reek of disdain and contempt. In its calculated act of opportunism, it chose to incur new and additional expenditure purely to satisfy its political whims, to manifest its disregard for the parliamentary representative and the people of Vieux Fort South, and to give its friends another opportunity to make money off the backs of the hard-working citizens of this country.


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  1. Allow me to introduce myself as an Architect and quantity surveyor, I've worked in the construction industry for over 10 yrs now. Up until the rise of this fresh start company I have never seen such over charge...is this company not a local company? Why are they over charging us the people of st Lucia? And how are they still being awarded contracts? We work hard for this money that is being thrown away. St lucians like myself that are professionals in the construction industry should step out and educate the wider public and those who are not I urge you to listen....this isn't about party, it's about us.


  2. And they will come with "what about grynberg, what about Jufalli". Y'all in power, do something about it . . . If y'all can. Or else, shut up and Guy answer the question posed!


  3. you want to know why it costs nine million dollars. it cost that amount of money because he is making sure he does it properly to finish unlike you that half assed it resulting in the hospital not being finished and also not being to international standards and not t mention the big boys that got paid and did absolutely nothing so it basically had to be done allll over again if only you had gotten it right the first time


    • This reply must have been crafted by one of the 43% of chass.my word you mean there is still backward and ill informed st lucians.infact to continue to grace this stupidity with a response is even degrading this chat room.


      • Fire Burn u eh 43% nuh u is ah 0.2% because if you siding with a man that spend 98 or 89mil and end up with what they say St.Judes is then you are lost. Them men spend so much money to give ya'll a housing complex for a Hospital and all you satisfied with that. If it was anywhere else in de world them men get jail. Housing complex for a State of De Art Hospital man get the eff outta here eh u bloke.


        • They lost because of fake news, impossible promises and lies. If your man has any proof of illegalities committed by the man, Kenny Anthony, then he should take him to task and make him pay! If not, shut up and take the criticism! Y'all acting like Trump supporters. Guy must answer the question!


        • you a see fire burn is a jackass he describing his own self with that response. them fellas blind and more backward and ill formed when it was all on the news


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