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Dr. Anthony accuses Chastanet of ‘politicizing’ Oliver Gobat’s murder investigation


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Dr. Kenny Anthony

Dr. Kenny Anthony

PRESS RELEASE – “My attention has been drawn to the following statement made by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet during a recent Press Conference and aired on Choice News in its news broadcast on or about January 17, 2017, in connection with the investigation into the murder of Oliver Gobat:

“Unfortunately the former Government had promised to send a letter to the British Government saying we would not pursue the death penalty and we were told repeatedly that that letter had been sent. That was a lie.”

The ‘former government’ of which I served as Prime Minister, NEVER EVER gave the British Government any undertaking whether expressly or impliedly that it would not pursue the death penalty for anyone convicted of the murder of Oliver Gobat.”

“On the contrary, I advised the British Government that the question of whether the death penalty was applicable was a matter for the Director of Public Prosecution and for the Court. Indeed, it was made patently clear that any such attempt to direct the Director of Public Prosecution and the Court to forego the death penalty would be unconstitutional. It is for the Courts to determine whether an act of murder is a ‘Capital Offence’ or a ‘Non- capital Offence.’ The political directorate has no authority in such a matter. Likewise, Allen Chastanet has NO authority to promise that the death penalty would not apply to a convicted murderer.

Further, to give an undertaking that the accused in the murder of Oliver Gobat would be spared the death penalty is inherently discriminatory against other accused persons facing trial for murder.

The position of the ‘former government’ was conveyed by me to the Gobat family.

It saddens me that Allen Chastanet has chosen to not only politicize this matter by his statements to Choice News but additionally, with untrue statements. I believe that the Gobats can do without the undue and unwarranted politicization of the investigation of the murder of their son. They have suffered enough.

It is also passing strange that Prime Minister Chastanet could say that the absence of the comfort letter to the British Government compromised assistance from the British Government when an officer from the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force travelled to the United Kingdom to brief Police Officers there. I am also aware of exchanges between the High Command of the Saint Lucia Police Force and the Surrey Police.

Finally, Mr. Chastanet must know that unlike him who tramples on our Constitution with impunity, I believe in honoring and respecting the Constitution of Saint Lucia to the best of my ability whether in or out of government.”

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  1. Those educated only enough to the SLP's STEP level will not able to see the irony surrounding all this political foolishness. It is just like in George Orwell's book, Animal Farm.

    If the SLP does it, then that is good. If others do it, then this is bad.

    It does not matter or is not quite obvious to those thick-headed pea-brained SLPs, that the accuser is using the the same tactic while condemning others of the same wrong-doing. Funny thing that.

    A la Animal Farm, "Four legs good. Two legs better." Is this just plain dishonesty or incipient senility?

  2. You hear tosh. Now that is real tosh. How can you accuse someone of doing something whilst you yourself are using this exact same process to criticise them? I do not see the logic.
    Some people really have a great sense of humour. It looks like they are borrowing straight from Donald Trump's playbook.

  3. Some political apprentices believe that we are all very dumb. How the hell do they think that get their usual crap pass some of us by attempting to savage people for something, whilst they are using and doing the darn thing to do what they are criticizing? Wow! Such limited thinkers.

    Saint Lucia is still too burdened with too many political dinosaurs and political neanderthals clinging on to a rejected past, still thinking themselves as today's bright lights

  4. Kenny still an MP and the rep for vieux fort but silent on all national issues and only come out now trying to defend his name.

    He forget it was his cheap politicizing that destroyed the police force and created IMPACS now St. Lucia's biggest unsolved mystery and headache. Reading selective parts of the report saying who and who involved in murder without producing any evidence which we understand is still in Jamaica. Shameful for a PM who is also a lawyer.

    It was his politicizing with his Just us minister that brought the forensic lab to closure. Misleading the public when the lab was collapsing little by little till it could stand up no more.

    He now want to talk about politicizing and crime.

  5. For those of you who comment on everything and turn it to UWP or Labour, do you even understand what you read? Kenny is saying that it would be a violation of St. Lucia's constitution to say to the family or UK that the death penalty would not be sought in that specific case if someone was tried and found guilty of that murder. So under no circumstances did he say that to anyone. So if Chastanet has proof that Kenny made the statement, let him present it. This is not about UWP or Labour. It is about one individual who happens to be the former Prime Minister is denying he made the comment. Chastanet thinks otherwise, so Chastanet needs to prove Kenny wrong. Chastanet, please put up or shut up!

    • you mean just like when Kenny accused the uwp of paying for votes and said he had proof. where is the proof? he knew his party was paying every voter they could find and even giving plywood away. when has he ever proved his accusations? never!!

  6. All this, and up to a day like today nobody has been held accountable for Gobat's death.
    Maybe when the murderer is hauled before the courts the present government and the opposition can speak about death penalty.

    Now while we are it, can someone shed some light on how they are going to deal with the approximately 400 unsolved murders? The citizens should really take a stand on this one.

  7. Praying for Better

    Kenny Chastanet said the DPP and the AG collaborated on the letter to the British Government. How convenient to leave out that part. I'm eager to hear your thoughts on DSH though however convenient it may be...smh

  8. Hooray! We back in the news again! Gosh! Same foolishness again.

  9. Why must we be political in everything?
    Do you people even understand what you read?
    For our Current Prime Minister to say that a letter ensuring that the law will be waived in a matter shows that he does not even have an elementary understanding of how government works. What an embarrasment!
    What's next? For some reason some of us cannot see past the politics. When will we wake up?

  10. Comfort letter in relation to DSH, Comfort letter it this mater, pretty soon we will
    hear "Alternative facts"...SMH

    BTW...Interesting last paragraph...Since when the devil correcting sin?

  11. And we wander why St. Lucia is so backward, it is because of uneducated fools like some of you who do not know when to look at the facts but link everything in this country to a color. WAKE UP PEOPLE, this is our Country. Listen and understand statements when they are made, and if unsure let those who have the facts do the talking. SMH.

  12. Now i believe in Resurrection!!

  13. Dear Dr. Anthony
    You haven't been gone long enough for me to miss you.
    Please rectify


  14. Just like Mr Compton lots people hated him but in Dee end they had to salute him as sir John..Soon probably next 3-4yrs all you shall do Dee same and say hello Sir Anthony and he'll pass his charming hand on you lot head to charm u all down..Like it or Sir KDA with respect

  15. Dah ban .......p Kenny say one thing and all of Yall on his back...the country going in all kinds of wrong directions under Chans and Yall eh sayn nun before we have a opinion on the government of the day Yall jumping........ Yall will hear...

    • Can you please or give the evidence where the country is going in all wrong directions?

      Remember state only facts and give more than one.

      • Let's see... All projects have been stopped which were already funde: by the way, nothing new started in six months

        Prime Minister refuses to reply to any local correspondence that comes across his desk, yet he uses our tax payers' money to travel to host a U.K. town hall meeting on issue in Saint Lucia.

        Firing of people from ththe public service without any plausible explanation as to his thinking and/ way forward

        Inability to settle the Ubaldus case

        Announcing in the news that the country is broke with no plans to rectify following the statement, yet expecting local and foreign investors to have confidence in this country.

        This man has serious FOOT IN MOUTH syndrome, however what did we expect from a failed business man riding in the coat tails of his fathers' success?

  16. KENNY, AM SORRY... PEOPLE DON'T LISTEN TO YOU NO MORE !! ... You let St.Lucians down, you lost credibility, people are tired of hearing from you .... IT'S A WRAP !! ... I guess what am trying to say is REMAIN IN HIDING.

    • Maybe you should remain in school with that am for I'm you're busy writing like an illiterate cartoon character with way too much time on his hands. What I'm trying to say is REMAIN IN HIDING

  17. St.Lucia is a law less Land. Kenny Anthony is getting paid by the tax payers of St.Lucia as a parliamentary representative and he has been absent from the job. He should be held accountable for that. Who the hell he think he is? Disciplinary action need to be brought against him.

  18. Why don't you folks focus on the message? Does it make sense? Is it the truth? If you need to attack Dr. Anthony then post an article online address to this news outlet and let us debate your concerns. This matter as addressed by Dr. Anthony is a serious one and goes to the core of how our country is governed, and we should all care.

    • There are more important thing he doesn't talk about. That topic is insignificant to us. He should have written a personal letter to the Government. we do not care if it is true. We were very concerned about Grynsberg, Jufalli, the Comfort Letter, etc and he said nothing. With regards to his credibility, why did the Governor sign the Grynsberg legislation? Remember, he is a constitutional lawyer.

    • Best statement on this board so far. People need to stay on topic and stop bringing back the past. It's ok to be critical of the message but why the messenger. It seem like a lot of those critizing have memory lost after 4 years. We can dredge up a lot of shenanigans on the group prior to Laba's tenure. So people keep it really and stay on subject... for two can play the same game. I think Kenny has done the right thing by staying low. He has a right to comment on issues that he understands to be wrong especially in this case. We do have the right to defend ourselves anytime one knows that something wrong is being said and should be corrected.

  19. So why did you say so much about ORC and IMPACS? Didn't that trample the rights enjoyed by the accused and police under the Constitution? What about the approvals under the Minerals Vesting Act, was the Governor Generals' approval sought before Grynberg? What about the amendment to our Constitution which requires a two thirds majority to change our final appellate Court?

    Why not work on answering these for starters. I am am sure that if Chastanet's actions are found wanting that will be decided by the Courts. Personally I think that there is a great deal that you should be coming to the fore to answer and refrain from making such calculated statements form behind the computer. For sure I would like the DDP to ask you whether you in fact gave public documents to Mr. Huntley on Grynberg and ask him to keep it a secret from the country and Government? The fact is this is what he has made public, so what say you?

    • You might want to start your history lesson 8 years ago so you can also cover two election cycles.i If Regurgitating the past makes you feel good so be it. Maybe just maybe you will understand the reason why Kenny and Co is not in power any more. This group will suffer the same consequences if they continue on this path. Since you are at it you should also educate the people on why there is so much secrecy on some of the signing for the DHS project.

      • There is always secrecy in signing business deals. This is to protect the business dealings of the parties. Why do you think that the previous government made it a secret which hand not been revealed until now?

        Those who don't know or remember their history they are bound to repeat it. Don't you know all the theories and principles that you learnt at school have enjoyed their period of trail and error. They have withstood the test of time and that's why we need history. A person's history also is testament of their personality and likewise their motives. If Chastanet does something wrong he will be called to account. Any further questions?

  20. Should we wonder why he got his voice back? Not even in parliament he has spoken in representing VFort.

  21. You have said nothing about The Pearl of the Caribbean nor The Comfort letter and other more important issue happening in St Lucia especially Vfort. WHY THE GOBATS ISSUE SADDENED YOU SO MUCH.

  22. who is this

  23. Oh Boy! That Gobats thing have you talking. I wonder why.

  24. Kenny you have been doing a good job in hiding, so please stay in your hole, remember last June we kick you out, cause we were sick of you, let me remind you that you were the one who played politics with ORC.

  25. Finally, Dr Anthony has broken his silence after 7 Months 2 Weeks & 4 Days.

    • Rowdy Rowdy Piping Person

      Kenny sucked all the air out of that party that it is a mere corpse. This could have been a vibrant party, but all we have is Pierre who is totally devoid of an original idea and Hillaire who is so tied to Juffalli and passport selling schemes, and google ads on pornhub that he would never be accepted as a party leader. Kenny sees a way back in as party leader! Lol....too bad he is the original tropical trump...remember the kenny dance?

  26. Ah I see you got your voice back...


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