DPP told to step down if she can’t do what’s “just and right”

DPP told to step down if she can’t do what’s “just and right”
Felix (left) and Charles-Clarke.
Felix (left) and Charles-Clarke.
Felix (left) and Charles-Clarke.

Director of Public Prosecutions, Victoria Charles-Clarke has been told to resign or retire if she is unable to do what’s “just and right” in the interest of Saint Lucia.

That call came from Minister for Physical Development, Housing and Urban Renewal Stanley Felix when he addressed a Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) rally at the Castries Market Tuesday evening.

Felix was likely responding to criticisms that the SLP Administration has failed to bring to the courts all of the major allegations of corruption against members of the previous United Workers Party (UWP) government.

The minister said the reports were submitted to the DPP for action.

“We looked into the allegations and that is why we have the report indicating all of the funds that were misappropriated during the reign of the last government. It is now for the DPP to act,” Felix stated.

He added: I will say it again tonight. I would issue a cry on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia. I Stanley Felix, minister in the SLP government, resident of Castries Central, citizen of this country, I ask you Madame DPP to issue a statement on the report that is before you. We want it, the people want it. It is only fair that you do what is just and right in the interest of this country. If you can’t do that, I suggest you resign, retire or just quit.”


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  1. Stanley Felix really talk shit already wee. Awa! Why de ass you eh telling Ernest and Kenny to step down because THeY are not doing what's right and has embarrassed Saint Lucia. How much did they get?????


  2. Watching St Lucia from the North Pole.
    We St. Lucians do not know what we want. Do we really want the issues resolved. Forget about who brings up the issues we face. Stop bashing. Comment intelligent on the problems, give ideas and recommendations etc. We wont get anything done if we just go around in circles. Not because someone has skeletons means they cant talk about someone elses skeletons. We have a problem that needs fixing. Blessings all.


    • I hope you directing that comment to the heads and not just the public no matter what party they align themselves to. Because it seems to me that is what the two main political parties have been doing, going around in circles like hamsters on a wheel.
      And in case you have not noticed the people are doing exactly what the politicians have been doing. It starts at the head. So tell the heads lead by example, not that I need or want to follow them.


  3. Now it's blame game time and politicians are shooting shate on the market steps. The
    place where they do all their character assassination. This time around it happen to be the DPP. The DPP is getting the blame for not doing your dirty work. It would have been much better for a proper and truthful explanation on the Juffalli issue but no distraction,distraction,distraction! When are you all SLP going to stop treating St.Lucians
    like retarded. This time around it's not gonna work.


  4. SLP is as corrupt as they come The office of the DPP is not to be use as a political tool and should be independent and so the government and the SLP have to stop playing games, Don't try to distract us from the mess the SLP have us in. Why is Stanley Felix asking the DPP to resign? with all the scandal Kenny and Company have us in all over the world you Felix should ask Hilaire and Kenny to resign or are you trying to distract us from the jaffuli affair. In four years the SLP have not told the St Lucian People how the country is run not one truth but now you want to tell us what the past government did we voted them out because you told us lies about better days, tell us what have you done in your four years in office, when in opposition you did not want the UWP government to go in the past but now you want to win the next election on the past, we know Kenny and the SLP will try to destroy good people and family's to win the next election that's what they do best. Change is coming and soon.


  5. Don't tell us what they did we voted them out tell us what you guys did we want to hear did u guys do any better


  6. Stanley Felix, are you going to have her expedite the Donavan Lord case as well?


  7. Let's remove party affiliation from the discussion. This DPP is outright inept. There is absolutely no reason why these files should still be under review for a decision to be made about what charges to bring, if any. If analysis reveals the evidence is insufficient, then inform the country. If she has insufficient resources, then go to your employer and tell them so. If they fail to act, let the citizens of the country know about it. We have a failing justice system where individuals are on remand for 5 years. Ms. DPP, does it have to take 5 years or more for you to be ready to prosecute a criminal case? You have been at the helm too long, and the nation tolerated your ineptness. It is time to pass the mantle for good of country.


    • Stop talking nonsense unless you have been at the office of the dpp. For starters the dpp does not control when a matter is tried before the court you should now of the backlog and the fact that there is only one trial judge with over a thousand cases so do the math. The office of the dpp is also under staffed there isn't a deputy dpp only one dpp who everything goes through. Govt should invest in the justice system to increase its efficiency rather than criticizing.


    • I heard an upset DPP on newspin today talking about all the reports being sent to her and no evidence, asking for more resources and given none. Well if she is inept then so is her Minister for not placing pressure and his Prime Minister for being silent. If no one is supervising or mornitoring then why play the blame game and call out an independent office on a platform...aa I guess the Director of Audit is next. Lucians all these party people fooling us and not serious.


  8. Firsty, I must say Stanley would NEVER just stay and make that comment. That certainly was given to him to pitch by the great KDA.
    nOW STANLEY, you need to be very careful as you are a man of the law(mean a lawyer). The skeletons in your closet will awaken.....soon.


  9. Elections is coming so the SLP government is trying to revive the "UWP is corrupt" mantra that they used to win the last elections. They said soooo many things about Richard Frederick being corrupt but now a days he is their best friend because he is speaking against the UWP political leader. Mr. Felix, please address the Lambirds affair, Juffali affair, Grindberg, the hospitals that never seem to be ready to open, the dam that needs desilting, the flooding in Castries and Bexon, the rising youth unemployment, the fishermen who don't get paid on time, the struggling banana farmers... all those things you and your government need to address but you come on a platform trying to revive SLP's old rhetoric. I'm so upset about this SLP government...I thought they had something to offer but they have NOTHING.


    • And that is the thing that gets to me about SLP i.e using the same corrupt mantra to try to score points because they have nothing to offer and they know they failed to live up to what they promised.
      We get it , we know there have been corruption, deal with the guys accordingly. We are in no way endorsing some of the things that took place under UWP neither will we accept things that take place under SLP.
      But when you try to disrespect me and make me feel you had something of substance to offer and your MO is constantly highlighting the UWP transgressions BECAUSE you know you have failed to deliver or was not capable of delivering, that is where I think the line has to be drawn.
      That is what I find is blatant disrespect to the people of the country. You know you have nothing to show but you will hide your inefficiencies by highlighting your opponents weakness and hope the majority of the St.Lucian public buy into your tactic.
      Lord help St.Lucia.


  10. First of all the entire Justice system need to be revamped. More judges, more man power in the DPP office, proper investigation of cases by the police, a functional lab etc. Government after government have failed us in this area. I am not sure that the DPP should therefore be the only one to blame for what passes as our justice system. This is just annoying!!


  11. The ratio of commitment of crimes and their prosecutions is very skewed, with crimes overloading the balance. Whether it's political, judicial police killings or public crimes the DPP is too slow in administering prosecutions. I second Felix's motion. No Excuses !


  12. Well said Rita!! all of them same old shit!! Neither Party has the country or the people of St Lucia at heart...what about "Bloomberg" Mr. Felix...you too are corrupt!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!! you live in La Clery and from since your ministerial position you have never once mingled with the people of La Clery...always drives with his windows up!! Stanley..pleaseeeeee!! choops


  13. Why is stanley felix asking the dpp to resign, retire or quit? If he has issues with her performance he should request that her services be terminated, then again elections round the corner crap coming out all their mouths.


  14. The office of the dpp is an office that is independent from the government. No govt minister can/shud pressure the office in taking judicial action in any matter. The strength of a case has to be the determining factor in deciding whether to law charges or not. Hearsay cannot be considered as evidence.


  15. In the same breath I am issuing a cry on behalf of all Saint Lucians that Hilaire and Kenny come clean on the Juffali affair and tell us how much was given to fund your election campaign! And how much Hilaire was paid to give up his diplomatic post at IMO!


  16. Whether or not this SLP admin is 'just as corrupt" is not the moral point. The point is that millions were paid to UWP politicians over a period of time that ended up in their pockets.
    These politicians are still plying their trade and being hypocrites calling out the SLP when they were as bad or worst than the SLP who at least are covertly corrupt instead of being as open as the UWP! LOL!


  17. You look like an ass tell us what have you done after four years not what they did because we voted them out tell me what have you done


  18. But these ppl have heart eh. Don't try to distract from the jaffuli affair. How this man get hired? Why were the Lucian ppl not told? What about parliamentary approval? WE NEED TO KNOW.


  19. Stop talking magiee. Kenny know that he never intented for this thing to go to court. Okay the DPP claim she need more resources, can Stanley Felix tell me why his government havn't call her bluff and give her the resources she claim she needs to do the jobs? This whole think is like the same old kaki pants. SLP is as corrupt as the last government.


    • Will you be happy to pay the higher taxes to fund the more resources she needs. How come she had enough resources to rush the Lambirds matter? Humm?


      • Your reply to me is a cop out. You can't give the woman lambirds, impacs, town an council etc and expect her to wage a case on 75ccents. Tell Kenny and Stanley to take that ball and throw it better. You all belong in jail just like all those you all are accusing. It's a crime to promise St Lucians that you will be putting other politicians in jail, don't do it, and at the same time don't check yourselves in for your own misdeeds.


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