DPP to indicate next move in Chakadan Daniel’s case

DPP to indicate next move in Chakadan Daniel’s case
Chakadan Daniel
Chakadan Daniel
Chakadan Daniel

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Victoria Charles Clarke will decide on the next move regarding the Chakadan Daniel case, after an inquest found that the 22-year-old was “unlawfully killed.”

Attorney-at-Law Dasrean Greene, who is representing Daniel’s family, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) today, July 27 that following Friday’s ruling, it is now left up to the DPP to decide whether she has sufficient evidence to send the case to trial, before a judge and jury.

Greene said while the ruling is a victory in one regard, which means that the death was not an accident or suicide, it still does not determine guilt or innocence.

“It determines that something has happened that it is not an accident. So someone is responsible. But it does not give a definitive answer as to what has happened or who is to be blamed for it,” he explained.

He told SNO that nothing is stopping the police from continuing investigations into this matter, and referring to the DPP for advice that will determine a later decision.

“As a defense attorney there is the issue of fairness. And we do not want to prejudice the case of any prospective defendant by indicating to any juror that this person is guilty of killing this gentleman.”

Greene therefore declined to comment on his personal views regarding the ruling.

Daniel was found hanging from his cell after he had been arrested two days prior for escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and damaging property.

He was scheduled to make an appearance at the Second District Court in Dennery on Wednesday, October 23, 2013, when he was discovered dead at the Micoud Police Station.

A post mortem examination found that he had died of asphyxia.

The man’s mother Frances Daniel said she is happy with the ruling and believes justice has been served.

She is now hoping that the persons responsible for her son’s death are put behind bars.


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  1. Well one thing i notice is that,Martinus Francois wasn't saying anything when Vernon Francois was the commissioner of police compared to Mary Francis playing a role in that regard? I wonder why Martinus never bothered.Oh,they are probably related.Martinus used to put pressure on those previous police commissioners.You see that! Food for thoughts.


  2. The person who comment saying Lucians must become more intelligent have a good point, but the person name is not included in the article. In the future please include people names that comment on your site, so people can know who the article belongs to. For decades now I have watch and see how ST. Lucian police take advantage of innocent people,and the authorities must do a better job in protecting innocent people. According to the first article, " Mary Francis is the only one upholding Human Rights"I suggest the writer of the article support to Mary Frances, and work to create an organization to maintain human rights.


  3. Lucians wisen up. You must become more intelligent. The question is not who is Commissioner or who wants to succeed at the post, but it is clearly what are the checks and balances of our system and where are they? You talk about Broughton and the other English cops, they did not stop corruption in the force. In fact many of them were accused of excessive drinking and one for wife beating. Our society can never function properly if civil society groups and citizens don't remain neutral and keep swing like tarzan pledging support for political parties. After all who will look after the interest of St. Lucians.? No more advocates for women rights, none for consumers. The two are the two largest represented groupings, what happened? Have they gone quiet? Meanwhile they have been overshadowed by minority groups such as LGBT, what is happening to us? Hats off to Mary Francis she is the only one holding her own for Human Rights and not without opposition. But who are the opposition? The same ones who pledge allegiance to the parties.

    What about pushing the Government to do more for the ordinary rights of citizens to Justice? As Mary advocates for the rights of accused, the balance is for the Government to ensure that the victims get representation. How could this happen if We have Court house closed, forensic lab closed, Commissioner on leave and everyone remains quiet? I guess the same ones are causing us to be quiet, those who patronize those political parties. You see how it works in a vastly uneducated society. The bright ones use their knowledge to brainwash the less educated into believing that they should belong to these waste of time parties, meanwhile they get all the benefits. Imagine someone stupid enough to repeat non-sensical arguments such as " a man can get a meal for $5" or "VAT is good for St. Lucia because Grenada have it already." See how stupid they sound all coming from the mouths of unconscionable politicians and believed and repeated by loyal uneducated followers. Lucians where are we going?


  4. Go and get these police officers who has commited the crime.Then get rid of all those top cops including the commissioner because,when we had those foreign police commissioners our local police officers complain about giving them a chance to lead the force and it's more chaos in managing the force properly.The ex English commissioner Brighton was doing a better job than Francois.


  5. So where is the news there? DPP just do what u are being paid to do and do it quickly.


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