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DPP speaks on abandoning sexual assault cases against minors

By SNO Staff

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DPP Victoria Charles-Clarke. Photo credit: The Voice St. Lucia.

DPP Victoria Charles-Clarke. Photo credit: The Voice St. Lucia.

There have been constant requests for the discontinuance of crimes, specifically as it relates to sexual offenses that involves minors, according to Director of Public Prosecutions Victoria Charles-Clarke.

The island’s DPP however stated that her office has a “zero tolerance policy” in relation to this, because there are certain policies that allow her office to determine when to proceed or discontinue a case.

Nevertheless, the Prosecution Department is faced with numerous requests, usually from parents of minors who often times indicate that they do not want the case to continue.

“That is unlawful because once a complaint is made and someone is charged the law has a responsibility to protect minors,” Charles-Clarke told the media.

The DPP said there are rare situations where a case of that nature could be discontinued, but explained that this could happen if  the victim is not able to cope and there is medical evidence to continue with the case.

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    what about these cases, know of a particular case of over 5 years the male is going up and down to court and from day one the female has never showed up for court. they have both left school and she was involved with other guys after that while still at school and these were never charged, . and even has kids but the case is still being called in court. dpp refuses to drop the case, this makes absolutely no sense they are now both adults. .... talking crap about protecting minor...

  4. Wait? You can speak? IMPACS, TOWNS and COUNCILS report. SPEAK PLEASE!!

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