DPP office seeking assistance in locating witness


couple-silhouette-male-and-female-psd-8iij99-clipartPRESS RELEASE – The DPP’s Office has encountered difficulty in locating the following witness who is needed urgently in the High Court for a trial matter:

Christa Alexander formerly of Maynard Hill, Castries.

We would like for her to contact the office (which is located upstairs the RBC/RBTT on Micoud Street, Castries) urgently at telephone number 4523636. Thanking you in advance for your usual assistance.

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  1. She can be in danger

  2. I really don't believe this. The woman life is on a rope to these killers and that not how you should go around doing this Mr DPP very in fair to the lady and if she has any kids .sad I will never come forward look and search . you'll don't give a hell with people life's once uii win ur case they can kill her . police force sucks in Lucia. Position position all u need

  3. Are we lawyers. I thought the DPP was a lawyer. What is so wrong in publicizing a witness name when we do not know the nature of the case? That is why we will be seen as ignorant people. We should have trust in the DPP considering all the back log of cases he have to deal with,

  4. Who is the head of the DPP to post someone's name ?????? There are other means in finding this person. What a shame. They need to be sued.

  5. That suck to put the ladies life at risk like that. Police department needs more training... Very dangerous act!

  6. The DPP's office in that case is being very unreasable to say the least. If this individual is required so urgently for a high court case, there are many options to try to locate her. Submitting her name and address to the media is not an option. It does not require a PHD holder to explore the other existing options of finding her. If I were this lady, there is no way I would go forward and testify in court after my confidentiality had been broken. People have no regard for human life anymore. This silly decision can cost this lady and her family their lives. As a nation, sometimes I think we are moving in reverse and not forward. This is truly disgraceful. For the safety of this young lady, I truly hope she has migrated from St Lucia and hence they are unable to find her because clearly these unwise people have forgotten the number of people in St Lucia who have been murdered for being witnesses to criminal activities.

    • AMEN! Very true...how can they put someone's information on the air like this? St. Lucia is SAD and SORRY!

    • All the more reason why the appalling backlog of cases has to be dealt with. When cases take years and years to get to trial it is inevitable that people might have moved ...or passed on. There is such ineptitude, no sense of obligation, responsibility etc within the whole justice system. So much time is wasted and therefore so much money is wasted. Of course the longer a case is in the system the more it costs.


    SNO i dont believe y'all...is this a legal trend?...witness needed in HIGH COURT case and spewing one,s name like that is very unhealthy..y'all behaving bold and arrogant..i remember not to long ago it didnt go well for a media personel and comrade i think it was st.marteen in a radio station..always practice wise tactics and becareful of what and how you guys release presses.


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