DPP off on pre-retirement leave

DPP off on pre-retirement leave
DPP Victoria Charles-Clarke
DPP Victoria Charles-Clarke
DPP Victoria Charles-Clarke

Having served as director of public prosecutions for the past twelve years, Victoria Charles-Clarke is now heading on pre-retirement leave, and will be out of the system by March, 2016.

Charles-Clarke has said that she believes she has served with a high level of professionalism and integrity as the country’s DPP and achieved quite a lot despite the many challenges.

The DPP moved from dealing with about one hundred cases in 2009, to 800 annually. This number now stands at over 300 cases in the High Court, according to her.

Charles-Clarke said she would have been able to deal with more cases, if she had more staff, explaining that the DPP chambers needs more human and other resources.

Before becoming DPP, Charles-Clarke served as a magistrate for five years. The Hugh Wooding Law School-trained attorney also worked as the registrar for the Supreme Court.


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  1. Only now that she is getting kicked out that she realized more staff was needed. Go take a hike lady . It was about time. Get lost.


    • New staff have been requested for over a decade. IMPACS can only be used for pwayveet purposes. Another SLAP intellectually challenged, brainless dimwit.


  2. i guess stanley felix will get his wish after all or it seems he knew hat was coming so he said that comment about her resigning lool


  3. You served us well with the limited resources you had. Stanley felix should be the one to quit. The public didnt want him anyway he lost his seat. He should get lost!!!!


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