Double homicide in Vieux Fort (police report)

Double homicide in Vieux Fort (police report)

(PRESS RELEASE) – On Sunday December 31st 2017, about 9:50 pm, officers attached to the Criminal Investigations Department, Vieux Fort, responded to a report of a motor vehicle which was found stationery on the St. Jude’s Highway with a male individual slumped over the steering wheel.

The unknown male individual, was thereafter rushed to the St. Jude’s Hospital via ambulance but thereafter succumbed. He was pronounced dead by a medical practitioner about 11:58 pm.

Upon a further search of the scene, officers discovered the body of another unknown male individual, with apparent gunshot wounds about the body. He was taken to the St. Jude’s Hospital and was later pronounced dead by a medical practitioner about 2:15 am.

Investigations revealed that the two deceased individuals appear to be foreign nationals.

Two persons are currently assisting with investigations.

This brings the number of homicides recorded for the year 2017 to sixty (60).

A post mortem examination is scheduled for Friday January 5, 2018.

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force would like to appeal to anyone with information to contact the Criminal Investigations Department in Vieux Fort at 456 3926.


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  1. Clearly Allen Chastanet underestimated the depth and intricacies of the crime problem in St. Lucia. That no proper provision and investment has been made in the preventative and investigative areas has only exacerbated the situation. For 2018 the force will need urgent and major revamping and a serious look will have to be made at technology in law enforcement.


    • Yes, government must step in. As soon as a child is born, they have to allocate the child with his own policeman/woman to ensure that said child will grow up with morals and ethics that would exclude criminal inclinations. As soon as said child shows signs of failure, off to jail for said child.
      Stop Blaming the government for the lack of morals of the criminals. The Police is not here to babysit.


    • I agree but i am not sure that Allen Chastanet underestimated. All the politicians are well aware of the problem and its ramifications, however, the main constraints seem to be:

      First the political will.

      Second that there will be no quick fix as new York and several cities in the US had to learn how to lower the homicide rate over time.

      Whether everybody is on the same page including the police and the public.

      The impact of finding funds for the judiciary and police amid constraints rendered by the IMPACS issue.


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