Don’t mess with mama!

Don’t mess with mama!

A mother has agreed to try mediation with her son who assaulted her with a deadly weapon and robbed her.

On Tuesday, Delice Jacob agreed to seek a peaceable solution with her son Shonn Francis Jacob after encouragement from Magistrate Christine Phulchere.

Francis Jacob is alleged to have committed the acts on February 11, 2012. The result of the mediation is pending.

However, Jacob was not as forgiving against her son’s friend Sean Aloysius Newton who allegedly assaulted her earlier this year on March 13. In fact, Delice asked that the court grant her a protection order against Newton, whom she claims interferes with her to this day.

The interference takes the form of threatening words.

While Newton denied the allegation Magistrate Phulchere, however, was not swayed against granting the order of protection.

In handing down the terms of the bond, she told Newton that he should not worry over the conditions or default of the bond if he does not “throw words at” Delice Jacob.

The bond was set for the duration of the matter in court.  If the conditions of the bond are broken, Newton faces a fine of $1,000 or two months in prison.

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