Dont gamble on Chastanet, says Deputy Prime Minister

Dont gamble on Chastanet, says Deputy Prime Minister
Philip J. Pierre
Philip J. Pierre
Philip J. Pierre

Deputy Prime Minister and Member of Parliament (MP) for Castries East, Philip J. Pierre, has urged voters not to be fooled by Allen Chastanet’s promise to remove the Value Added Tax (VAT) and vote for him.

Addressing a massive crowd in Micoud North on Sunday to launch Herbert Roserie, Pierre said Saint Lucians cannot afford to “gamble” with someone who claims he will ultimately remove VAT.

“You can’t gamble with a man who is saying that he can stop the country from earning $346 million in revenue, when you need over $400 million to pay civil servants, teachers, nurses and police officers,” he asserted.

The Deputy PM urged civil servants to take note, while explaining that the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) recently said that Saint Lucia is poised for economic growth in the year 2016.

Pierre boasted that under the SLP government several fire stations were built, police stations improved, officers were sent for training and the police were given more resources.

He also lashed out at Chastanet, who will be contesting the Micoud South seat and said he should be defeated.

“You can’t find one person to run in Micoud, you must look for Allen Chastanet? You can’t find one suitable young man or woman to run in Micoud but must look for Allen?”

Pierre called on party supporters to send a message to the UWP by turning out in their large numbers on election day to vote for the SLP, so that the work they have started can continue.


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  1. The Chastanet name for many years have been synonymous with Stability, hard working, Trustworthiness, job-creation being a part of the fabric of St. Lucia society for many years........improving the quality of the lives of St. Lucians island I understand why the labour party feels threatened by him. After 25 years the St. Lucia Jazz festival (brain child of a Chastanet) ranked #1 in the world is still going strong....why won't I gamble on that. ....seems like a good return on investment.


  2. The Deputy PM urged civil servants to take note, while explaining that the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) recently said that Saint Lucia is poised for economic growth in the year 2016.

    Can Pierre or the party hacks prove that the CDB made that statement? According to the CDB report on the Caribbean we had negative growth in 2012/13/14 +ve 1.6 in 2015 and anticipated 1.4 in 2016. Do we consider it as growth because it is higher than 2015, but to me it's a decline. Piss in your eyes and call it rain. Anyways party hacks go to or google Caribbean Economic Report. BTW there was +ve growth in 2011 and 4 years before that. It is all in the report. I did not say it but the report does.


  3. Phillip . J . Pierre was never known for intelligenc. His school records can prove that. As a matter of fact he was one of the worse accountants employed with COOPER'S where he spent most of his time quarreling with the female staff. That's why I don't expect anything good to come out of his mouth.


  4. The PM and Pip are making promises as if they were Rip Van Winkle coming down the mountain top expecting things to be as they were years ago. Hey blokes, the people have moved on.


  5. I will gamble on Allen Chastanet. The island survives on tourism not Rodney Bay or Soufriere. Kenny has stopped the marina project for Vieux Fort because he wants to retard our progress. Please Chas, build St Lucia not just Castries. We need our marina in Vieux Fort for the islands tourism product to continue growing.


  6. March those fools out of office. No other party can be worst than what we have. In fact voting for them can only mean that we will see much more arrogance and insensitivity on their part. If we vote back in that government mark my words, if we thought we were in trouble before 666, then trouble just start. Our land deserves much better than that. We must send a message this election. It 's not about red or yellow, because I have voted either, its what Kenny & Ko. and Volaire INC. have shown themselves capable of with CIP, Juffalli, Greenbyrg, IMPACS and now calling elections in two weeks. How can I profess to care about my country and its future and support these guys? Truth is I cannot do that in all good conscience. And I have trouble seeing why anyone would. Its not even about supporting Chastanet. Its about the need to remove these power hungry guys from the position that they use but have no regard for.


  7. Pip. You do not want us to take a gamble with Chastenet. I am prepared to take a gamble with Chastenet. Just as Kenny prefers to take a gamble with Hilaire for Prime Minister than with you.


  8. I was part of the labor code process under the UWP administration. I represented a private sector entity at stakeholder negotiation meetings. We put in so much work! SO much hard work to see the rights of employees made law here in this nation. This administration has completely stalled and derailed the process. The same with VAT. This one hurts me to the core. I still read the white papers we wrote and I see what the VAT system is today and I wonder....does the SLP administration care about due process? If so what was the point of working tirelessly to ensure its proper implementation if they would just do whatever the hell they wanted. 340 million collected from VAT with no measurable or derivative benefits thereof. I laugh. You have to be an idiot to overlook the sheer GLOOM that was this nation over the last 4 years. And you will tell me don't gamble on Chas?


  9. Let's talk about you PIP. Have you no shame?????????? You are a footstool to Kenny Anthony. You are a joke. Look at your constituency. A MESS. You swear you a guard dog. Always ready to attack. You will never rise beyond your current position in the party. They will never let your insipid backside lead.


  10. The thing is Kenny Anthony and his gang can fool people all the time because most of his supporters are illiterate and he refuse to make the country better so that people can wise up a little so if he tell the people that the grass is blue and even they see it's green they believe the SLP cause they can't tell their way.

    UWP provides opportunities and space to grow so that there are no fools.

    Lucians don't like that though they want to remain puppets.


  11. Pip I have one Question right. Before We use to paid Vat, what tax or income that use to paid civil servant? We're are not dec dec. And you Pip have to go with your cheap politics. It is time for Earnest to be the leader of the Slp to fire you, you just like to talk garbage when you send people in your eyes. They boo your a.... in bishop gap. You not say Nuttin. You there waiting for Wayne and St.prix to come from Barbados to come and carry the old people in the community to get a vote, and after election you don't give to shit about them.


  12. All SLP does is insult people. They call people moo moo, fa****ots , liars. Thats all they good for but time will time. Now look at the PIP. Have no shame to stand and talk rubbish about people.


  13. Only the pea-brained and the lame-brained would gamble their future on this Stupid Labour Party that can only show as it greatest exhibition of pure genius for job creation as the STEP. You have to part of the walking dead to expect that these old-foggies have a clue to reverse supposedly 1.6% growth into 6.1% growth which is still shy of the 7% sustainable growth that will raise the standard of living of people in this country. After 14 years don't you believe that they would be doing more than making more promises that they have no ideas as how to bring them about? Who is so stupid to gambles their lives placing their future in the hands of all these clueless people? Who is the proud idiot?

    Sit down idiot. You are already wearing your foolish communist red shirt. You were not asked,


  14. Pierre you should be ashamed of yourself to say the Country collects $346 million in revenue from vat. What has the vat money done for us in St. Lucia. Before vat was implemented the Civil servants, doctors, police teachers etc. were all being paid. These salaries have not increased . These people are the least paid in St. Lucia. 0 0 0%. Pierre you are not blind, you just cannot see. I will gamble on Chastanet, I have gambled on you for 20 years and my life is still the same. After putting your hands in tax payers pockets to make us pay 15% vat, and you can earn 340 million and all you can offer is $5 to block a hole, and a public toilet facility. Chastanet all the way


  15. pip if lucians were smart anytime they wanna know the outcome of elections all they have to do is look at ur face and right now i honestly see fear in ur face. when you speak one can pick up the fear. yall days are numbered.


  16. Tanto tanto Pierre!! You want Kenny back huh! Hilaire will deal with you when Kenny goes back...

    Why nobody talking the medical ganja industry? Dats where the money is get it right!

    What Lorne going to do with all the hotel rooms Kenny trying to fill our heads with when there are no guests to fill them? Do a Sugar Beach and send line staff home? Up to now Lorne eh say jack about that he busy begging for ppl to be patient in the village!


  17. We gamle when our economy was stable.
    We gamble on better days ? Still waiting.
    We gamble on stopping corrupt politicians? still waiting for Anti Corruption Act.
    We Gamble our businesses? Still seeing them close one by one
    We gamble on health? Still waiting on two hospitals to open.
    We gamble on employment? Still waiting for jobs
    We gamble on labour code? Still workers have no rights.
    We Gamble on our children education? Still schools in a mess.
    So should we continue betting on your dead horse?
    Change is coming


  18. Ray Charles.......I now understand why they call you that. It is because you cannot see what your party has been doing is wrong. Your spin doctors continue to spin S--T in the eyes of St Lucians on a daily basis. You and your cronies continue to malign anyone who speaks, votes, supports and runs for the UWP.

    All the lies spewed about RIchard Frederick in 2011 (not that he dont deserve what he got) what has become of them?
    Up to this day nothing your PM promised was done -LIE
    It was youuuuu Ray Charles that had said that CHastanet represented the Economic Class of this country three years ago. Do you think we forget those things? Fool!!

    PIP- Pierre Insulting People. Thats what your name stands for.

    I hope you can stand up to the Creator on Judgement Day. and Tell L to behave himself otherwise we will expose him for what he really is?


  19. PIERRE IS A STOOGE AND A PUPPET !! Before you all came into power the country was not perfect, but people WAS EATING.

    YOU AND MR.SWELLHEADED NO BRAINS PRIME MINISTER come in guess what?... these clowns raise taxes on people after the economy already getting crushed by the world recession.


    People losing their jobs, prices at the super markets are up, businesses closing down, some people even losing their LIVES in this mess.


    Y'all Labour Party politicians you all think you all to bright... NOT EVEN( you all just look good on paper).


    Don't tell me that's 2013 Numbers...



  20. It is possible that the UWP will sweep the north:

    Gros Islet
    Castries North
    Castries Central
    Castries South
    Castries East

    Kenny will have to go to his home and house in Trinidad wondering what happened.
    Pip can go to Miami or just hole up in Marchand!

    2011 - 2016. $1.5 billion in more SLP debt. Grynsburg. 24% unemployment. NEGATIVE Growth! Jobs and money for the SLP elites! CATCH ASS for the voters.
    And you all want 5 more years!


    • lol this is fantasy, i dont see belrose or issaac winning their seats, i hear that guy might be projected to lose lol


  21. Allen's own father doesn't trust him!

    So why would anyone trust an Inferior individual who Blatantly stated 'he would remove VAT AND COME UP WITH CREATIVE IDEAS,' but later STATED , 'VAT IS A BEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED FOR ST. LUCIA?'
    I have never heard such Disney WORLD cartoon Character FOOLISHNESS LIKE THIS.



    • The SLP is nothing but a communist and a government with no new ideas but backchat the UWP. That's all they do. Little do they focus on the solution but instead trying turning off the lights of the UWP to keep theirs burning. Can't tax such n economy yhz ure making money but ure also robbing the poor of monies they don't have. Being inconsiderate here. Last campaign promises were the same. You hear jobs job jobs i don't wanna hear you create jobs i wanna hear ur strategies to create employment? Step?


  22. Allen Chastanet is not the problem. The problem is Kenny D. Anthony, and he is the one we are not prepared to gamble with. By the way 2 more seats is all we need to get rid of you all .