Donkey, Secret, Cas en Bas beaches not included in 75-year lease to Cabot St. Lucia: gov’t

Donkey, Secret, Cas en Bas beaches not included in 75-year lease to Cabot St. Lucia: gov’t
Groundbreaking at Cabot St. Lucia was held on June 14th. Jacob Sjöman

By Department of Physical Planning
(PRESS RELEASE) — In the light of information being reported by certain sections of the media in relation to the approval granted to Cabot (St. Lucia) Inc. (CABOT) by the Cabinet of Ministers, the Department of Physical Planning wishes to clarify the sequence of events on the same.

In 2019, the Department of Physical Planning received a request by CABOT for the following:

The Extension of existing Queen’s Chain Leasehold Agreements presently held by way of Sub-Leasehold Agreements, by CABOT, which are:

i. Block & Parcel No. 1657B 1/1/1;

ii. Block & Parcel No. 1657B 3/1/1;

iii. Block & Parcel No. 1657B 4/1/1;

iv. Block & Parcel No. 1657B 5/1/1 and

v. Block & Parcel No. 1658B 12/1/1;

Four (4) new 99-year Emphyteutic Leasehold Agreements over Queen’s Chain properties, to CABOT, which are:

Block & Parcel No. 1457B 369;

Block & Parcel No. 1457B 40;

Block & Parcel No. 1657B 2, a Public Beach also known as Secret Beach; and

Block & Parcel No. 1658B 3.

One (1) new Leasehold Agreement by way of a 99-year Emphyteutic lease of freehold property, Block & Parcel No. 1457B 235, to CABOT;

The grant of Easements/Servitudes, by way of a 99-year Emphyteutic leasehold agreement under the Queen’s Chain, the Cas En Bas beach, namely, Block & Parcel Nos. 1457B 135, 134, 174, 231, 230, 130, 126 and 369 to CABOT, for the trenching of utility service cables;

The Department of Physical Planning assessed the request, and submitted its findings and recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers for their consideration.

The subject Memorandum to Cabinet was returned to the Department of Physical Planning for restructuring and correction.

A new memorandum regarding CABOT’s request was prepared and submitted to Cabinet by the Department of Physical Planning.

That memorandum only requested consideration for the extension of the existing leases which CABOT already has over the following parcels:

1657B 1/1/1, 1657B 3/1/1, 1657B 4/1/1, 1657B 5/1/1 and 1658B 12/1/1.

Cabinet by Conclusion number 957 dated 20th July, 2020 approved the grant of a 75-year lease to CABOT for the Queen’s Chain properties listed below, on conditions to be formulated by the Department of Physical Planning and approved by Cabinet.

Block & Parcels No. 1657B 1, 3, 4, 5; and Block & Parcel No. 1658B 12.

The approval is subject to the surrender of the Head-lease for the said properties or resolution of related issues between Cap Estate Ltd and the Crown.

In summary, please note, that this renewal of lease does not include the adjacent beaches (Donkey, Secret, Cas en Bas Beaches etc.), extensively used by Saint Lucians and visitors to the island for sea bathing, beach picnics, walking/hiking etc., camping, fishing, horseback riding, restaurant and bars, including Marjorie’s Beach Restaurant and Bar. All beaches remain public.


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