DONE DEAL: Police and government officially sign wage increase deal

DONE DEAL: Police and government officially sign wage increase deal

The Government Negotiating Team (GNT) and the Police Welfare Association (PWA) officially signed a collective agreement for the triennium 2010-2013 on Friday, March 22, 2013 at the Training Division of the Ministry of Public Service.

Chairman of the GNT Vern Gill expressed his satisfaction at the concluded negotiations with the Police Welfare Association, calling it a significant stride for Saint Lucia.

“I believe it is very significant because it is an indication that there are a group of employees of the government who play a significant role in the country who have understood the position as presented by the government and have accepted the offers presented to them as being reasonable and satisfactory to their member,” Gill said.

He pronounced that save for members of the Civil Service Association and to a lesser extent, members of the Medical and Dental Association, the GNT has progressed with other members of the Trade Union Federation.

President of the PWA Martin James explained that after careful consideration of the GNT’s proposal, his members gave him the mandate to move forward with the process.

“We did not take the four percent in isolation.  We have maintained our focus on getting a total package for our members and the four percent was added to some of the other benefits we had proposed for our members.  So when we got to the four percent aspect we had already considered the GNT’s counter proposal as it related to our fringe benefits and allowances,” James said.

He took the opportunity to encourage his fellow union members to consider all information in order to make an informed decision during this sensitive time.


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  1. What (benefits) exactly did the police agree to? Can you verify the benefits that were offered to Civil servants? When this has been done compare the two and then tell us:

    1. Whether they are the same,
    2. who has the greater benefits,
    3. whether the benefits offered to civil servants only recommendations

    When this has been done, can you fault civil servants for not agreeing to the offerings from the GNT.


    • The Government had to give it to the police because the police Protect the government leaders & know many secrets(Missing cocaine & money in the evidence lockers)...The government & the police go hand in hand.Buddies


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